We here at Vorpal Tales love our Terrifying Tales. With Halloween just around the corner, we are not passing up the opportunity to hold a “First Annual Halloween Special“. However, this night is not about candy, but creepies and crawlies, and…well, Cthulhu!

The Vorpal Tales crew is going back to their initial gaming shows with Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu game system. Call of Cthulhu is a skill-based system with a focus on character development and simple but evocative mechanics. It uses percentile dice (D100) to determine success and failure, so a Stealth skill of 50 means you have a 50% chance of success. This makes it very simple to understand your likelihood of succeeding at any given task, regardless of your experience with roleplaying games. In the game, you must work together to solve mysteries, avoid grisly death, and win the day, using the resources and contacts your investigator can find. Sometimes luck is on your side, but, in the end, it’s your choices that determine the fate of your investigator.

Check out our Halloween One-Shot hosted by our terrifying storyteller EldritchEchoes, with special guest player Travis Legge, running the story The Sanitarium from the Mansions of Madness supplement full of one shots and short stories in Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition on Friday October 30th at 9pm EASTERN. This special event will run late into the night until the mystery is solved or all our investigators have expired into madness or death, or worse…

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