The Vorpal Tales crew started a new Terrifying Tale this past week with Modiphius Entertainment‘s, Alien the RPG. What twisted, acid-filled fate awaits them?!

CHARLIE Team Short Mission Log:

Ariarcus oil production colonies in turmoil due to civil unrest, and the military and civilians alike are abandoning the moon – leaving it mostly as a ghost town. LV038 Colony communications have been lost and Fort Nebraska fueling station is where the military is based for now. All civilian and military travel grounded for no stated reason, despite previously being required to evacuate due to a coming war.

A marine squad went AWOL, Reese, Carvalho, Wright, and Wojcik… and we’re called to an emergency meeting to search for these marines, of which we only get pictures and names, all else is classified. We’re the CHARLIE team of 7 marines, and deadly force has been approved for us to use as this AWOL team is no longer considered marines. If we don’t find them on time, the United Americas will arrive and gun down everything.

We move into the settlement to ask some questions. As we come into town, a civilian berates us and asks why we’re not evacuating with the other marines – instantly confused, we ask for details and find that, yes, marines are evacuating without our team. We call up the Colonel, and find that the reason they’re evacuating is classified and they claim they won’t leave without us. We find our way into the local bar and seek information on these marines that have defected. After some investigation, we’ve found the insurgents’ compound in a residential area and are instructed to go for it.

We infiltrate by dropping in the skylight and combat is instant, as our android Chaplin moves to disable the transmitter. Shockingly, we find all the insurgents are dead, and we encounter Wojcik – who erupts into a Xenomorph and chaos ensues as our Android malfunctions, attacking us. In the fray, our Captain was sprayed with the Xenomorph acid-blood and went down in a blaze of glory, a grenade in each hand. Landing hard from the explosion, our medic android Chaplin was crushed to death.

The surviving crew is in shock on the realization and our session is brought to conclusion, our remaining members’ fates after this fight to be revealed then.

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