The Vorpal Tales crew dives back into some classical dice-rolling action with Dungeon and Dragons‘ awesome adventure, Dungeon of the Mad Mage — this time lead about experience Dungeon Master Patty Shakes.

From the adventure Journals of Nimimil Anterome-Galanodel:

Our crew begins at the bar before we decide to venture into the Yawning Portal – a jovial attendance before a perilous adventure. Our companion Izzy decides, at the behest of Sprouting Hops, to attempt to impress the half-Orc barmaid by starting (and winning) a fight. Successful in the fight, Izzy does, in fact, impress the barmaid and earns a kiss upon her cheek. After the raucous has died down, the group decides to venture down through the Yawning Portal to embark on their adventure.

Each are lowered down individually into the darkness below, finding themselves in a room of shields. A simple children’s poem warning of the Mad Mage is found behind one of the shields – a chilling caution to all. Stealthily we traverse the halls, and come across a room of skeletons, those killed by demons within. Inside that room are numerous bas reliefs. One of which, Sprouting Hops knocks on and reveals that it is a secret door. Down the hall behind the secret door is an ancient enemy of the sea elves, but rather than begin a fight, Nim requests avoidance of unnecessary violence.

They find yet another door in the room, and within, a sword attached to a skeleton’s hand and mysterious noises. Cal, with his excellent use of ravens, discovers all the noises are the voices of various peoples from above through air vents. Shadow cautiously aims to inspect the sword without touching it. Removing the sword from the skeleton’s hand without contact, the sword begins to glow and it’s obvious it is enchanted. Cal uses his magics to identify the sword as an item that just… glows slightly… and Shadow offers the sword to Izzy. Unbeknownst to them, the sword is actually cursed that the holder cannot release it from their grasp.

Further travel in, we come across a room of pillars, which indicates we are close to where we need to be to take on the challenge of the Mad Mage. Within this room, we find a sign pointing South that says “certain death this way.” We decide on traversing down the South hall, and come across a dead goblin and a headless statue. Past that, we find… more hallways. Through examination, Sprouting Hops has discovered that a gelatinous cube is in one of the rooms, so we investigate another room, which is locked. Shadow opens the lock and stealthily scopes it out as much as possible, and deems it “all clear”.

In the next room, we find a Tiefling skeleton with Infernal written in blood above “Speak with me.” We take a short rest for Nim to pray to Sashelas to be able to speak to the dead… it does indeed speak, “I will answer your five questions, if you look for the dwarves under the mountain – they have the key to my heart.”

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