When last we left our Starfinders, they blasted off the remote, watery pirate refuge planet into the wild star-filled yonder. Finding their way to a within range space truckstop containing a Large Marge’s Space Donut Barn, the group of star-bound wayfarers tried to decide what to do with their lives. This led them to investigate the customized vault setting in their cargohold.

Giving it a discerning once-over, they discovered it had no noticeable welds or seams. Furthermore, it had a single keypad with a not so discernable language. The only thing of noticed was the serial number stamped under the keypad’s casing. Searching the subspace net about such vaults and serials, the crew discovered the vault was part of a customized, special run of safes developed by a manufacturer based out of the Deep Market. President Ovaltine used his criminal connections to find the location of the Deep Market, but entering into it was not exactly how they expected.

The Deep Market’s entrance was discovered to be in the belly of a space beast in a nebula. A starship racing crew had setup shop within the nebula, who’s revered chief participant T’ric D’reeto, was holding a dance party. The crew each used their unique talents to find their way into D’reeto’s presence only to find themselves in the middle of a race. Disturbing the nebula’s flow would bring forth the beast. Once the beast had opened its mouth, that was the only way they could get inside and down to the deep market.

A harrowing race ensued. All the crew did their part to edge their way forward till they finally had to “spin out” D’reeto’s starship that had been keeping up with them the whole time. Having done so, they had egged on the beast enough to try and chomp down on them. However, they made the proper maneuvers to make it into its belly and find their way to Intestine Tortuga.

Nibble interfaced with Starchild Dave to secure their docking fee, and they made their way into town. Enquiring how they might find the old manufacturing facility, a strange old woman pointed them to a rough and tumble bar. They encountered a large creature of an alien who just fist-stabbed another creature in the face. Called “Mean Tom”, he agreed to take the crew down the dark arteries to the manufacturing facility, though Mean Tom was not sure what he wanted in return.

Having just baring left town, Mean Tom stopped for a moment, having the epiphany of what he wanted in exchange. Is our crew going to get capped in the capillary?!

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