In the premiere episode of Dune: Atreides Alpha Initiative, part of Dune Saga, we talked about Dune by Frank Herbert, how awesome of a book series it is and how important its themes are today. We were then introduced to each of the House entourage characters, which included a swordmaster from Atreides ally House Spiridon as well as a nobleman and Suk doctor from House Demios. On the Atreides side we were introduced to the ever perspirant house assassin and an impressive protege mentat to House Atreides’ legendary Master of Assassins. 

The entourage encountered a suspicious trooper on board the Guild heighliner who was watching the mentat intently, they gave Duncan Idaho a high five and they bantered for a short bit until they arrived on Arrakis days later. Upon arriving, they were introduced to the aussie accented Marcus Iblis, spice smuggler extraordinaire and expert pilot, who offered to drive them to the residency from the landing field. 

The mentat took a swig of whatever Iblis was drinking after offering to drive the smuggler’s groundcar (technically illegal on most planets of the imperium) to the residency and experienced a short disturbing vision that he totally didn’t misinterpret. At the residency they were introduced to the household staff. The suk doctor made everyone feel uneasy again by forgetting about personal space and the mentat used his special abilities to determine that one of the staff was a significant suspect to watch.

The security commander gave the entourage a report about how one of the soldiers recently died from poison when attempting to access the basement where the shield generator and barracks are located. He also reported how Atreides spice mining craft were being shot down over the basin by alleged Fremen forces. The assassin made the suggestion to conduct interviews as soon as possible before Idaho and Iblis set off to inspect the crash sites in the morning. Idaho agreed and retired for the night.

The suk, after examining the recently poisoned Atreides soldier, attempted to get information from a poor Fremen boy who was part of the staff. In doing so, he was forced to promise to bring the homeless boy with him back to Caladan in exchange for one of the other household staff’s secret. The pair then went into Arrakeen and the boy showed the suk where the suspected saboteur was meeting with some rough looking Fremen. Giving himself away, the suk and the boy ran through the market and narrowly avoided getting shot by the two Fremen and made it back to the residency in time for the end of the interviews. As they interviewed their prime suspect, the mentat surprised everyone present with the use of The Voice and forced the handmaid to reveal herself as a Cast Out spy working with the Harkonnen to sabotage House Atreides’ efforts to make an alliance with the Fremen tribes. She then drew her crysknife, charged the assassin and yelled “Jacurutu!”

The assassin was prepared, however, and managed to easily sidestep the attack and dispatch the saboteur. Devin showed up at the end, everyone gave him a hard time and we all laughed.  Why are Fremen working with the Harkonnen to sabotage the Atreides’ diplomatic envoys? How are they able to shoot down Atreides aircraft? What is a Jacurutu? What other traps and secrets lay in waiting inside the residency? Who are these vengeful Fremen?

These questions and more will be answered in the finale to our two part story. Stay tuned to find out!

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