In the final installment of our Scion Demigod kickstarter game, the legend makers decided to try to appease Pazuzu rather than call him out and battle him.

Takahiro crafted an exquisite sculpture of Pazuzu, while Samiyuq crafted a sacrificial herbal potion and resin incense. Meanwhile the group crafted a container to capture the South Wind. Upon arriving at the sacred mountain top, they offered their sacrifices and entreated the entity to appear. When the South Wind blew in as an omen of Pazuzu’s arrival, El Pulpo wrestled it into submission and trapped it. Pazuzu arrived, and the party was able to convince it to help them, despite Erik being sarcastic and earning it’s ire. It gifted them an obsidian feather, and it stung Erik to deliver it’s venom. The group then used the key ingredients to enter the demiplane.

It quickly became evident that Dumuzid was not coming back and was a royal jackass and way too handsy. Rather than confront him on his own turf when the odds were dramatically stacked against them, the party decided instead to try and patch up the sisters’ differences. However, after making contact with both goddesses, they found out they would have to work to make this happen.

Inanna demanded they shatter a giant 200 carat blue diamond she was jealous of, and Ereshkigal demanded they rebuild the gates of the underworld using stone from the heart of the Iraqi mountains and bricks made from sand gathered at the heart of the Sahara and forged in lava gathered from an undersea volcano.

After completing these heroic tasks, Ereshkigal delivered them to the ruined gates of the Sumerian underworld. Erik, Rute and El Pulpo had to hold off an endless horde of undead, while Takahiro and Sami rebuilt the gates. After laying waste to thousands of undead, the three warrior heroes were forced to confront a massive demon of colossal size. They were able to hold it back long enough for the gates to be repaired and slammed shut. With the nightmare finally ended and the sisters appeased, the party was able to sigh in relief. Each sister gifted each member of the group with even more power. Some with might, some with fertility, and all with immortality. Ereshkigal also released all their fatebound from the underworld. As for Dumuzid, he was trapped forever in his demiplane, with each sister taking six months of the year to craft unique and personalized hells for him for all time, and his sister was set free from the underworld to live a full life.

Thus ends one myth for our demigods, as they headed out into the world to forge new legends…

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