In the final installment of our Technocracy Reloaded story, our hypertech amalgam took the fight to the enemy!

But not until after they waited for John’s new body to thaw out and wake up. While waiting, the party decided to try to get actual permission to use a dropship instead of steal one, and so it was decided that they should head to Intake in HR. After briefly visiting John’s original now mindless and comatose body, Stantz was forced to confront his nemesis, Kevin from Intake. Thing escalated quickly, but before Kevin the Hive Mind Cubicle Farm could unleash it’s wrath on Stantz, a copy of Natalie 2.0 (thanks again, JOHN), took over the hive mind and gave Stantz what he wanted. This was suspicious, but the amalgam had no recourse or time to deal with this new wrinkle. John, now dubbed Joanne in a gorgeous female shell, then rejoined the group and they took off for space! Unfortunately for Stantz, only Joanne was able to be his copilot and a tense journey commenced. Upon successfully passing the Filter the Technocracy uses to hide what near earth orbit actually looks like, the party saw the mothership for the dropship they piloted. As it was a massive gunship, they decided to dock and try to convince the captain they needed his help to destroy the dark side moon base. Using Stantz’s logic and Joanne’s natural …charms… they swayed the Captain to their cause and their assault commenced!

However, the interface between the human crew and the ship’s computers was a tad too slow to keep up with the moon base’s defense system, so Joanne chose to give up it’s mortal coil forever and merge with the ship, effectively becoming the ship and using it as it’s new body. They then began laying waste to the moon base’s defense systems but could not penetrate it’s shielding. It was then that Natalie 2.0 struck once again, possessing the crew and demanding John in his meatsuit submit to her. As John/Joanne no longer had a meat suit, 57 shape-changed into John’s form and went to the Nephandus copy, who promptly invaded 57’s head, and teleported out and away, but not before leaving a parting gift by tearing the caul of the spirit of the vessel and driving it mad, leading to rampant poltergeist activity on board. The spirit of the vessel was too powerful for Walter to handle alone even with his mastery of spirit, so he agreed to a merging with Coyote, even though Coyote demanded the merging be permanent. Walter then emerged into a new form, not quite Walter and not quite Coyote, but something new. Wyatt then talked down the insane ship spirit, gave it the empty Joanne shell, and they teleported out and back to earth to wreak chaos and havoc.

With the ship back under control and its human crew, all but Stantz, evacuated, Stantz and John decided it was time to end this, and engaged the ship’s warp drive, warping through the moon. The moon was destroyed but the Technocracy’s massive orbital space station was able to prevent the fragments from wrecking the earth. They were able to slow down but not stop the resulting tidal changes and over the next few weeks and months, most of the coastal areas of large parts of the world were evacuated and lost to the ocean.

We then visited each character in the aftermath. Walter/Wyatt and StarHammer were creating mass chaos in Texas and enjoying every second of it for no reason other than the fun of it. John/Joanne/Spaceship Guy found itself warped to the far edge of the galaxy, where it was able to repair itself and found a civilized world. We are all sure this will end BADLY. Stantz was thrown back in time during the destructive warp event, and woke up on the day he and his squad were killed before this entire story happened. He lost all memory of events after being killed, but he remembered the actual day he died in detail, and this time, he ensured everyone in his squad lived. This created an alternate timeline and Stantz exited from the Vorpal Tales World of Darkness. And finally, we saw 57/Natalie entering into a haunted house attraction, muttering about what a wonderful experiment this would be…

And thus one tale ends, but another begins as next Wednesday you can join us at 9pm to see what 57/Natalie does to an unsuspecting band of mortal Ghost Hunters…

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