From the journals of Freyja, Daughter of Ymir…

The crew awakens with Einar hovering over them, warning them to be quiet – it seems the native peoples of the island have been following since arrival. We exit the cave and lick our wounds, seeing that we must head to the mountain within the cyclone. Our misfit crew climbs up the mountain in classic Conan-style – fraught with difficulty and close calls. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we come to a vast caldera and realize that we must find a way to cross the broken land-bridge without being caught by the Byakhee.

Freyja summons Venom On The Wind to create an eerie mist that fills and drowns the caldera in fog, blinding the Byakhee from seeing us. Making our way across the gap, we begin our way through the cyclone, as both Petrusa’s and Freyja’s magics are unable to affect it. Unnatural shrieking fills our ears as we near the temples, the sounds of ghouls, vampires, charnel eaters, revenants, shades of the lost, and various slithering things that haunt the city of the dead. We manage to make our way unnoticed by all the eerie occupants and find ourselves at a gate welded shut by lightning. While the party attempts to plan how to open the sealed gate, Lucianna pries it open with her epic strength, muscles rippling and barely a grunt of effort.

Within the gate, vampires await, as their eyes can see through the gale. A grand battle ensues between our crew and the vampiric monstrosities. We narrowly escape with our lives, and the Baron suggests we take shelter and heal. We do, however, after doing so are assaulted by poltergeists within the building in which we sheltered!

After escaping the haunted building, we head ever closer to the temple and are barraged by lightning as the city is crumbling around us. We enter the temple and find a secret compartment beneath the altar inside. We explore further, and find more traps protecting a statue of Mithras, holding three items: a snake’s eye diamond of Set, a powerful staff of Mithras, and a skin-bound book. The priest Petrusa is revealed to be a priest of Set, transformed before our very eyes when he takes up the two items of Set, pushing all crew aside. As Petrusa opens a portal, he beckons Einar to his side and the crew-disloyal Einar escapes with the evil priest.

The temple begins to rumble and quake, as a Shoggoth awakens to feast upon the fated crew. As the remaining crew escapes, we grab up an individual treasure each that catches our eye – Lucianna an obsidian axe, the Baron gold, Freyja a magical ring, and Captain Lysander the Staff of Mitra that the false priest had left behind. With a cautious, yet fervent prayer to Mitra from Lysander, we make our way through the Shoggoth tunnels and hack tentacles until we make it through to the cliff overlooking the sea. The Shoggoth bursts from the temple, trapping us between it and the treacherous drop to the sea.

Hearing his plea, Mitra heeds Lysander’s call and accepts the sacrifice of the Captain’s breaking of the old, fragile staff, and his own leap into the ocean. With a grand shockwave, the Baron, Lucianna, and Freyja are thrown from the cliff and onto the ship, an ancient tome landing as well and sliding towards Freyja. She takes up the book – a book of Mitra that instructs on how to recreate the staff of Caduceus, meant to defeat Set. Wounded, heart-heavy but not broken, we sail towards home.

In the postscript, Lucianna became a fearsome pirate of the seas. The Baron of Blue built a vast network of spies and thieves in preparation of one day exacting his revenge upon the Priest and The Coward Einar. Freyja returned to her people and united them, eventually marching them across Hyboria to the gates of Stygia, with Conan and Valeria, along with the Baron and a fleet of ships with Commodore Lucianna at the helm.

Stygia burns with Petrusa and Einar looking on, readying the last of their armies…

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