When last we found our Starfinders, they had just survived a battle with security robots in the caldera, and set about exploring the makeshift base of operations they stumbled upon. The Ysoki Engineer made a bee-line for the ship pointing out there were flicking terminals and bodies all about. Investigation of the bodies by the team showed they had long decomposed down to their bones, and wore simple jumpsuits — nothing matching. The Ship was locked up tight, and they had to figure a way in.

Using the computer terminals about, they were able to hack into the systems and find a log by Anithean — a member who had recently joined this crew of smugglers and thieves. Furthermore, the last score they had taken a vault of custom make, and a small orb-like, smooth rock. That was all they could discern, outside of the notion of a defense system that protected the planet, of whom only the old captain knew how to navigate.

Looking to jump-start the ship, Nibbles used his unique engineering skills to find a live wire that lead into another grated off sewer tunnel. Leading the crew northward, they came to the defense facility where two robot guards patrolled. President Ovaltine setup a trap, while Sobok primed a grenade. They managed to catch both robots unaware and had them stuck in a shaft. However, the Envoy Nyanta shot one, knocking it loose, causing the robot to return fire. The managed to dispatch the threat, and found the facility to be otherwise empty with its strange alien walls. The only thing of note was a long shaft, which Pepper discovered had been retrofitted with a “modern” elevator.

Descending slowly on the elevator, they realized it took them deep into the ocean, where in an observatory deck, they saw two canisters filled with…something, buzzing about. Recognizing a structural weakness in the design, Pepper setup a rube goldberg-like array of devices that would take out the crossbeam of the facility and more than likely sink the defense canister tanks to the bottom of the ocean.

Powering up the ship finally, they saw the previously custom vault taking up cargo space. Acclimating themselves to their new positions in the crew, Nyanta — the designated captain — order the newly designed pilot, President Ovaltine, to “punch it”, hopefully taking the ship out of the atmosphere safely. The ship climbed with intensity as everyone wondered if they had truly dispatched with the defense systems. Sky gave way to the stars. It would seem that they had disabled the defense systems of the planet, allowing them to sail off into the stars to Large Marge’s Space Donut Barn.

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