We resume the story of our Hunters mid-watch of one of the security tapes they had retrieved from Rhys’s home. Furio was able to recognize the Sheriff of Chicago having tea in their living room. Even without the fancy CSI “ENHANCE” feature. Rhys then tried to talk to the videotape to learn from it what had transpired since then. He was able to gleam that someone had paid to cover up what had happened at that house.

Our intrepid Hunters then spent a while debating over the merits of chasing both of their leads; the local sheriff of this small town, and the creepy lighthouse Kyle has brought up. In the end, it was Furio’s suggestion that ghosts can’t get you during the day that tipped the scales towards the lighthouse. Arriving at the lighthouse, our Hunters were able to make friends with the volunteer keepers of the area — except for Baptiste who seemed to come across a language barrier. While the team was were led to the basement, Baptiste checked out the adjacent building that made his hairs stand on end and sent chills down his spine.

Kyle fell down into the rain basin with his way out slamming shut behind him. Furio attempted to jury rig a lockpick while Kyle realized that Mr. Shivers was on his way. In his scramble to get out, he found a lockbox, and with the way out finally opened, the team bolted for the car. Mr. Shivers wouldn’t give up that easily and in the haste to leave, Kyle somehow ended up driving. Furio tried to shoot the Hatman, and that went as well as expected, and Kyle nearly executed a perfect barrel roll of the car, but Furio mangled his sword on the gravel and black ice in order to right the ship. Upon reaching the main highway, Mr. Shivers ceased giving chase.

In the lockbox was a lot of various documents, but three items really stood out among the rest: a photo of two young men that looked like brothers. One was the sheriff of Chicago, and one was the Wendigo in human form. The second item was an amulet of protection dating back 100s of years that was for protection for one’s bride. The third item was an old newspaper clipping from the 1600s that talked about a string of disappearances of young women, ending when a young Chippewa bride was taken.

Kyle, Baptiste, and Isaac pooled their collective occult knowledge and were able to deduce that Mr. Shivers was actually some sort of fallen angel/divine being that was driven off by light and seemed to appear whenever they found information about its past. It is more than likely he is the same “angel” the head of the cult was visited by.

The next day Kyle, Baptiste, and Isaac all went to the Chippewa tribe and were able to meet with the Council. There they immediately turned over the amulet they had found, recognizing it belonged back with them. The Elder thanked them and told them about the disappearances long ago. A man lost his wife, and went to the Beyond to bring her back, he was unsuccessful though and came back changed, vowing to never again let anyone be taken. The three hunters were then blessed by the tribe and went to meet up with the others having found a major break in the case.  This meant that the “Wendigo” was a mortal who found a way to pursue the Keeper who took his wife to Arcadia.  His time beyond the Hedge transformed them into a Changeling, and he somehow found his way back to this realm, but never found his wife.  The legend stated he then spent the rest of his existence defending those taken against their will.

Furio and Rhys weren’t having a ton of luck trying to talk to the local sheriff as no one seemed to know where he was. Furio was able to sneak in late at night and find that he had been recalled back to Chicago by the vampiric sheriff of Chicago.

Our team met back up, traded info and realized that it was next stop, Chicago.

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