This week, our aspiring demigods beatnicked their way through the Sumerian underworld in an old rusty cushion-free Mystery Machine.

They finally reached ancient Sumer and found the Scion they were looking for under attack by the Titanspawn Lamashtu. They lept into action and battle ensued. The group quickly discovered this was a threat more potent than any they had thus far faced. Takahiro made good use of Inanna’s scepter and unleashed devastation on the beast while El Pulpo grappled with it. Erik poured round after high caliber round into it while Samiyuq devastated it with lightning. Meanwhile, Rute rushed the group’s Fatebound companions to safety. The beast shattered the ground, summoned swarms of plague locusts, and summoned the dead from it’s own spilled blood, but it was not enough to defeat our heroes.

After suffering multiple injuries, they were able to drive the beast away. They then learned the truth of what was happening. The Scion of Dumuzid refused to return to the underworld for his 6 month stay, and each sister, Inanna and Ereshkigul, blamed the other. They fought and Inanna destroyed the gates to the underworld, allowing the dead to spill out. The Scion told the party to try to find out more about Dumuzid’s Scion from Dumuzid’s sister’s Scion, the Scion of Geshtinanna, who was still languishing in the underworld in her brother’s place since he did not come to swap out with her. He then gave the party trinkets to show her, to prove the party’s sincerity.

The party then made their way to the Sumerian underworld’s capital where they lied their way into the prison to talk to the Scion of Geshtinanna. She told them she would reveal the place her brother was hiding, but only if they crafted authentic Sumerian cereal beer for her in the authentic style in an authentic mug, and poured it into her grave in the badlands of Iraq. The party then had to bid sad tear-jerking farewells to their most beloved Fatebound as that was the price to leave the Sumerian underworld. El Pulpo’s farewell with his tag partner was especially potent, right in the feels. Several members of the group swore oaths to return and relieve their Fatebound in the way Dumuzid and Geshtinanna were supposed to be.

The party set to the work of homebrew and successfully crafted the beer — but not without incident.

Takahiro accidentally created an aggressive strain of ancient Sumerian grain that is now the only grain that will grow in most of Montana. Rute had to run after pouring out the libations on the grave to avoid capture by local authorities, and left the cup behind, which has now been accepted by the world at large as an authentic ancient intact relic.

But the task was complete!

The Scion of Geshtinanna kept her word and told the party how to enter the demiplane her brother was hiding in. All the party had to do is climb Iraq’s tallest peak, force the ancient Titanspawn demon Pazuzu to show itself, allow one of their number to be stung by it’s venom, and then get it’s feather and bottle the wind that appears as an omen of it’s arrival.

No problem at all for next Tuesday….

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