This week the Amalgam executed their bold plan to infiltrate their home base Construct, but not until after the tension with John and his atrocities bubbled to the surface.

After this was “resolved”, the party worked together to prepare the new body they “acquired” for John’s mind, building a stasis and resurrection chamber out of a fridge, a display that would make a 90s website proud, and “tribal sacred symbols” added by Walter. John then turned himself in to the Technocracy for Psych Ops to Recondition him. He was able to separate his mind from his body and travel fully into the Digital Web as he was being Reconditioned, using the low security of the Reconditioning machine to gain access. Upon reforming as a digital being, he quickly discovered the only way into the Trinay Computer Core was through open ports, all of which were dedicated to MMO video games.

He chose Valerian Exiles and called the party to him, who joined astrally using hypertech VR gear. After battling their way through horrors in the game, they used cheat codes to get through the open port and into the server network. They then navigated the maze in a game of cat and mouse with malware and antivirus apps, and successfully located the server they needed. Brute forcing their way in, they discovered the truth about Threat Null and that their Construct was infiltrated by several Autopolitans, Transhumans, and Residents all under the control of a single Threat Null Agent operating from a base on the dark side of the moon.

Returning to the real world, 57, Walter, and Stantz begin planning the heist of a starship while they wait on John to reawaken in his/her new body…

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