Vorpal Tales has started to reach for the stars in a new Awesome Adventure using Paizo’s Starfinder role playing system.

When last we found our Starfinders, they were being ferried across The Dark of the Cosmos, when suddenly their ship was attacked, their captain killed in the fray, and crash-landed on a bright sandy beach, of an isle surrounded by jungle, with the only discernible landmark being a large — supposedly dormant — volcano near its center.

The crew struggled against the currents to salvage what they could from the flotsam debris and the starship itself. Their resident Mechanic was able to seal the leaking reactor, preventing it from going critical. Setting up a base camp, they decided to rest out the night, only to discover that nighttime only lasted a few hours as the sun was at a weird rotation causing a near-constant daylight.

Surveying jungle, the Operative discovered the sounds they heard coming from the jungle were strange dinosaur-like creatures. Using all their skills and expertise, the Crew found their safely through the jungle to a large, clear pool that appear nigh bottomless. The Envoy braved the depths, only to find it full of small aquatic lifeforms and a tunnel that lead up into a man-made structure. All soon followed and they cut away the grate blocking their way, plumbing the depths of the sewer corridor.

They stumbled upon a machine that appeared to be cleansing the strange liquid oceans into pure water. However, the spigot for retrieval had rusted away and was now spilling out, apparently feeding the pool of the water they had come from. More so, the machine was old, and the structures they were in, were older still. The moss and lichen that had grown up along the walls feeding on the damp air were also old, but still recent relative to everything else.

Coming to the end of the corridor, it opened up into the caldera of the volcano. The Crew was set upon by aged security robots that were quickly dispatched. Able to take a breath from their encounter, they looked up, and amongst the various catwalks and platforms, was a larger one supporting a starship.

What secrets does the silent volcano hold?! Find out on the Stream!

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