Logbook of Freyja, passenger on the expedition to the Crimson Isle…

Making our way to the Crimson Isle, the hires of Petrusa are given jobs aboard the boat by the good Captain Lysander. Around 11pm, the Captain startles his First Mate Lucianna as he dreams a horrid nightmare… she goes to awaken him, and sees something frightful… her Captain’s hand looks as if it’s becoming a tentacled monstrosity! Lucianna dismisses what she sees with the excuse of rum in excess, and the ever-faithful Slim Jym spies land.

Surrounding the land, the city of the dead, is a great purple cyclone. Wrecked, unpopulated ships surround the island, as do outerdark creatures flitting in and out of the cyclone. Thankfully, being that we had commandeered the ghost ship, we were ignored by the outerdark Byakhee beasts. Having deemed it safe, the crew ventures in the dinghies to the shore, only to be confronted by fishmen that the Priest called Deep Ones! They swarm the ships and we row for our lives. As a last-ditch effort, the priest of Mitra throws an exploding vial at the Deep Ones on one of the boats, and the occupants dive for safety, forcing them to swim to shore.

The Captain is severely wounded from the battle with the sea beasts, but Freyja expertly (and painfully) heals him, and discovers that Lysander’s tentacled hand is only growing worse. Upon making it to shore, we look for the red sands of the Crimson Isle, only to find out that the sands are not red, but the shore is gravel and bursting with red vines that thirst for human blood! The vines attack brutally and some of the crew are acting strangely. The strangely acting crew are, in fact, being taken over by the previous ghost ship crew by the Baron to fulfill his contract with the ghosts.

The crew makes its way through the treacherous forest, and due to Einar’s expert survival abilities, make it most of the way without being accosted by the wildlife until we’re ambushed by three sabertoothed cats. In the fray, we’re affected by the infamous death trees!

Escaping with barely our lives, we all drag ourselves into a cave just outside of the woods’ edge and collapse into unconsciousness.

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