The Hunters started the session right in the swing of conflict!

A Huntsman of the Hedge had burst through the wall, Kool-Aid man style. He was dressed head to foot as a classic British safari hunter, elephant gun included. He then summoned a spooky doll he affectionately called Red Rita the Reaver. The two of them plus the two Fetches of Rhys parents made it a deadly duel for our Hunters, but luckily fate would have it that a Hunter lost to the Hedge found his way to the group and was able to tip the scales in their favor.

Kyle tried using his signature fire skills, but the fire manifested as little fire sprites that had minds of their own. Furio, undaunted, pushed through a murder of crows the Huntsman had summoned, but when he got close enough to strike, his sword turned into a cobra, but that didn’t stop the half-vampire. Rhys was able to manipulate the Hedge to stop the crows somewhat. Baptiste, seeing the whimsical, almost cartoonish nature of this place, fired off his trusty finger guns at the Huntsman blowing open his finger tips, but punched two holes in his foe. His reward was to get an 84 caliber to the shoulder. The new arrival was able to manipulate the very structure of the house and impale a Fetch. After a nap and neck bite on Rhys from Furio, Baptiste setting Rhys on fire, and Red Rita the Reaver nearly hugging Rhys to death, calm returned when a horn blew in the distance and recalled the Huntsman.

Rhys seemed shocked from the horn, but nonetheless was able to transport everyone, including the new guy Issac who likes tinfoil hats, out of the Hedge and back to Rhys’s parents house. Baptiste was able to mend some wounds while the others found out Issac had been gone for 15 years in the Hedge and blew his mind with things like Uber, Reddit, and smartphones. Some rummaging in the house yielded old security camera tapes. Everyone left as Rhys was clearly not comfortable and in distress. Making it back to the hotel did little to brighten the mood, so Baptiste was able to whip up a Crawfish Boil for the team. The next day was spent reviewing the security tapes where it seemed that events did NOT transpire as the police report had said they did. It appears that a vampire attacked Rhys’s parents in the middle of the night killing her father, and after being  run over by a car, her mother. The vampire, critically injured, went back in the house to feed on the father when he was beset upon by the Wendigo. The creature quickly staked the vampire, and then used the phone. 

The sheriff pulled up, lights off, and made his way inside where he saw the camera, and then turned it off.

It seems the Hunters have a bigger conspiracy then they first thought!

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