This week, our godlings bonded over donuts at a local Large Marge’s Donut Barn franchise. They then dug deeply into the lore of the Mesopotamian pantheon of ancient times. Samiyuq was able to help the party greatly in this regard with his access to archives in Iraq. Along the way, in an attempt to escape reporters, fans, and paparazzi, Rute used his powers a bit too much and became fatebound to what may turn out to be his favorite Canary ever. With his new friend Riley in tow, the group discovered that this may be a case of sisters fighting. They did not discover the reason why, however. They did learn that they need to get into the Mesopotamian Underworld, and the key to do so.

They did not like what they found.

Fate then intervened and delivered to each of them their closest Fatebound companions, much to their dismay. The group then made their way to a place where a portal to this particular underworld was still open. They each gave up a belonging dear to their hearts, and with it, a small portion of their divine power. They then passed into the underworld, dreading the price they must pay to exit again. They discovered this underworld was dark, dry, and dreary and the spiritual ennui left them all uncaring of anything until Takahiro bound his fate to that of Inanna’s Lapis Lazuli scepter, unlocking it’s power.

Re-energized, they found transportation and began their journey to ancient Sumer to find and gain the help of Inanna’s ancient high priest. They were waylaid along the way by the ruling class of dead and a skirmish ensued. Rute had some of his life force drained, but the group unleashed their divine might and smote their enemies, one quite literally, into the ground.

The session faded out with the party heading deeper into the darkness, in search of new allies, and more answers…

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