This week the Amalgam battled it out mecha on mecha on flesh. Stantz faced down all three mechs in his single mech and everyone else was collateral damage, at least at first. 57 was blown to hell, Walter was stepped on, and Coyote lost their tail. But then they turned the tide of battle in their favor. Stantz blew the legs off a mech, John climbed one and risked horrible burns to meld with it and take over, while 57 turned the third into pure Quintessence.

Meanwhile, using teamwork, the Amalgam was able to eject the AI out of the battle. Unfortunately, the epic battle caused massive Paradox and the backlashes were intense. John scoured the data in the mech and found the code name of the Technocrat behind all this illegal arms distribution. He then self destructed the biggest mech in the middle of the facility and teleported the party out. The explosion was far more catastrophic than the party planned however, and the chain reaction killed thousands and exposed thousands more to fallout.

John was pleased by this, forever souring the rest of his Amalgam against him. The group then called in their spy overlords and had them doctor the report to put all blame on John. They then planned their infiltration of the digital web inside their Construct headquarters, risking the (a?) life of John and risking capture for the rest of the party to expose this traitor and end them. Join us next monday for a trip into the digital web inside the most dangerous network in the state…

Oh yeah, and John gave his pocket-Natalie machine learning protocols that just made her possibly the most destructive AI-like entity the cosmos has ever seen — and accidentally released her into the world…that happened.

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