We made it onto the Virago, while the Cuervo has begun to sink. Luciana wakes on her bed floating in the ocean to find battle with ghosts, skeletons, and reanimated corpses has commenced! The battle is ferocious, and the enemy is unrelenting. We hear a deep, evil laugh from within the ship as we defeat the final skeletons, and temporarily allay the ghosts.

We make headway with the ship in great part due to the suspiciously sorcerous priest of Mitra… strangely dark magics. As we journey below deck, we encounter a darkness that also muffles sound, and the party is unintentionally (by the players, anyhow) split, foiled by faerie fire… Much to the GM’s delight, of course. It grows darker as a strange magic is suddenly cast by the ship’s most dangerous occupant, our foe – and it summons an outer reaches horror.

After defeating the summoned horror, the crew faced the summoner – the captain of the Virago himself. He is none other than Saadon, the Ghoul King!

Our dear Baron makes a deal with the ghost crew of the ship, their surrender in exchange for their freedom. But at what cost? The Baron gains dark knowledge of necromantic ritual to place their souls in twelve new bodies. The final fight with the captain of the Virago commences, and we emerge victorious… despite Einar having hid in a box during the last and roughest parts. The eerie Petrusa gains an item he has been seeking, a mysterious box. The crew gains all the booty aboard, with the Baron keeping a few special pieces to himself, unbeknownst to the rest. Incredibly as the curse is broken, the ship revitalizes itself to its previous beauty, if not more glorious than before.

With that, we make way for the Crimson Isle!

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