When last we met our heroes, they were caught in the shadow of Zariel herself flanked by her two death knights — Olanthius and Haruman. She asked the heroes for the blade in exchange for their lives. More so, she informed them that they should join her evil crusade as their deaths were imminent. Our heroes balked at the idea immediately retorting if they remembered what they said to her in the past-dream; giving up everything to achieve one’s goals is never worth it.

There came a crack in Zariel’s veneer — her stern gaze failing into a puzzled stare. The heroes laid the weight of heavy guilt upon her, and she faltered. Zariel finally understood what terribleness she had wrought, and begged for forgiveness. Seeing the trueness in her worlds, Raylan Albright, Paladin, handed her the blade that had escaped her for so long. Holy light blazed into the infernal realm restoring Zariel to her former celestial glory.

Zariel then bade the heroes to follow her, as she pulled Lulu’s spirit from Slobberchops, mounting the now glorious glowing, golden, flying mammoth. Slobberchops grew two sizes and ferried the heroes back to Elturel, which was now under attack by servants of the Dragon Queen Tiamat. Arcan the Cruel commanded a trio of chromatic dragons, while the infernally restored Thavius Kreeg was trying to sink the city faster into the River Styx.

While Zariel flew about breaking the iron chains pulled down the city, the heroes gave it their all with spells and might. Raylan slew Thavius quickly, but not before Midnight called upon her god to aid them — which he did, crippling Kreeg so that he could not complete his ritual. Rivek, with his new found Ugoloth powers harried Arcan, to the point of disabling him, allowing Raylan to strike him down, and then Rivek disintegrated him. This left the hand of Vecna on the ground.

As Zariel snapped the last of the iron chains, and destroyed the dark companion hovering over the city, Rivek snatched up the Hand and teleported away. Elturel was teleported back to the Prime Material Plane. Standing triumphantly, the heroes decided to share in a drink with Mortlock and their other companions. Raylan decided it would not work with Vendetta and decided to journey on with Kethra — hopefully someday to find their fallen friend, Rivek.

Midnight established a monastery, and lived happily through the ages. When she finally died of old age, Oghma met her, and they were married by Mordenkainen.

Far into the future… Deep in a Tower in the Grey Wastes, Rivek sat quietly on a throne of secrets and blood. His emissary approached him informing him that two had come to see him… Raylan Albright, and Kethra — they had finally found him.

And that is where our awesome adventure tale of Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus ended.

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