This week in our first Demigod session, we levelled up our characters from Hero to Demigod on camera to show off all the awesome new powers in the kickstarter book.

Afterwards, we met our team of heroes, not yet a team, individually as they spent a day in Rome. The Octopus won a wrestling match. Rute had his dinner rudely interrupted by a shit poster. Sami had a quiet afternoon of studying artifacts interrupted, and Takahiro had a tense meeting with some mobsters. Meanwhile Erik was busy easily winning a Scion shooting tournament. All of this was rudely interrupted by the sudden arrival of an ancient Mesopotamian demon and a host of Mesopotamian ghosts.

Chaos erupted downtown and the Scions leapt to action. Sami managed to drive off the ghosts while Erik chained the demon and berserker rage pulled it back into the portal while El Pulpo Muerte Moonsaulted the demon from the top of a skyscraper. Rute forced it into physicality so the rest of the scions could affect it, and Sami blasted it with a thunderous shockwave to finish shoving it back into the portal.

The group was left together, taking stock of each other as they all contemplated what nefarious machinations were behind this foul sorcery….

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