So, turns out, summoning a trickster god into the real world in a body is not the wisest course of action. But is sure is funny. This session, the party had to deal with Coyote’s endless nonsense (especially John) as they tried to complete their dual missions in Abraxis-Cyadine. All went well as they stealthed their way to the big secret at the center of the complex, right up until they got to the massive paramilitary security perimeter. At that point, Stantz decided to give the facility’s AI a call. This went about as well as you would expect, and the AI took over the team’s cyborg HIT mark and walked off with it.

The team carried on without it, and pulled some very cool James Bond/Jason Bourne moves to cross the paramilitary compound. You should check out the video on demand to see how they accomplished this. They then crossed the null threshold to finally see what the big secret was.

Turns out, it’s a massive hangar bay of some kind, easily large enough to hold a small fleet of private jets. Before they could get inside, the AI came out to play, launching a small squad of Mechs at the party.

Next Monday, we shall see how Stantz does in a 3 on 1 mech fight….

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