This week, our reavers and pirates adjusted to life on board ship. Some adjusted better than others, as the Scout learned when he tried to sleep in the Crow’s Nest. Meanwhile intrigue took place as the Fence stoked the fires of rivalry between two shipmates that ultimately ended in the death of one and the flogging of the other, but not in that order. Many of the party spied on the priest of Mitra attempting to find any deceit or trickery, but none was to be found.

The third day at sea, a massive storm appeared, but the priest of Mitra was undaunted and carried out the ritual. The eldritch magicks and the presence of the Captain summoned a Horror from the Deep who the Captain had encountered before. The crew and a megalodon summoned by the Norse Shaman held off the beast while the ritual was completed. The ghost ship was summoned, and battle was joined. The party boarded the evil ship with the remainder of the crew just as the Horror from the Abyss destroyed their original vessel.

We left the companions on the deck of the cursed ghost ship, trying to battle their way below deck and remove the curse before the undead kill their entire crew….

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