The heroes stood face to face with the dark knight, begrudging eternal servant to Zariel, Olanthius.

Midnight opened up with greetings, and the others quickly followed suit, attempting to appeal to what was left of Olanthius and his mortal sentience. Unexpectedly, Olanthius reciprocated by asking them to free his brethren and he would subsequently give them directions to the Bleeding Citadel. Burning the blood contracts, and smashing the now de-powered stone steles, the heroes freed the bound spirits with sigh.

Olanthius however would not earn the ire of Zariel so easily by giving them directions. He asked them to create a distraction. He guided them to great infernal pillars that would teleport them to where they needed to go. However, Lucille had tracked them down, and demand “that kitty”. Midnight became quickly aware that Lucille was not referring to Slobberchops, but her Oghman-worshipping self. Coming to find out that Lucille had killed her parents to try and claim all their souls in a desperate hour of need, Midlight flew into a rage, taking on the pit fiend almost by herself.

It was at this time that Rivek struck a bargain, turning over their ill-gotten dragon hoard in exchange for power as a Yugoloth. Now morphing into an Arcanaloth, he subdued the pit fiend with great magic power, allowing Midnight and Raylan to destroy the foul infernal. Midnight finally felt at peace and continued on with their task. They freed Kostchtchie who had business with Zariel. Olanthius met them on the plains of hell and obliged them their due of the location of the Bleeding Citadel.

They made their way there, finding Avernus was trying to reject the holy place by swolling a bloody scab over it’s alabaster walls. Doing as they do, they exploded their way to the bottom of the scab and threw open the doors to find the sword on a dias. Reaching out for it, white light engulfed them, causing them to experience a final memory of Lulu — the day Yeenoghu attacked a small hamlet, and Zariel felt the final straw and been broken. The past image of Zariel greeted them in their victory, to which they impart some wisdom to her — sometimes it’s not always best to give up your everything to accomplish your goals.

Raylan naturally claimed the blade. With its task complete, the citadel exploded into light, causing a wave of mighty and good-natured destruction across the plains of Avernus. Victory was not so easily claimed however, as a flaming shadow fell over them — it was the very present, and very evil Zariel who had come to claim her sword once again.

The Fallen Celestial, Lord of the First, Prince of the Warridden Wastes, Commander of Asmodeus’ Legions In the Blood War, Zariel hovers over our heroes with an icy, flaming, deathly stare, as we reach our final episode, and the conclusion of Baldur’s Gate, Descent Into Avernus.

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