Pacts and Explosions Dominated Last Week…

Directed by Mordenkainen, our heroes selected an item from his stash, and found themselves teleported to an obelisk in the middle of Avernus. There they were greeted by a wizard, but that wizard was trapped! He was also a demon in disguise!! Pleading with the group to find a way to free him, he sent him to a mirror, where they were given the task to damn the River Styx near the Pit of Shummrath.

Taking upon this task, their dynamite carrying ice imp bequeathed to them, led them to the River’s edge where it spilled off into deep pits imprisoning Shummrath. Assailed by spine devils in the sky, the group held them off while the ice imp set the charges and collapsed a tributary that spilled off into a slimy pit which acted as the prison for a pit fiend. They also met an Ultroloth who quickly became friends with Rivek.

The Ultroloth turned their venture into the Nine Hells into his own personal side hustle as he rode along with them. Freeing the demon from his obelisk prison, he spoke to them about the Crypt of the Hellriders, as well as giving them the password “For Glory” to enter its depths.

Within the crypts, they spoke with the ghosts of the fallen Hellriders to explained their souls were trapped here due to Zariel’s efforts and wished nothing more than to be free. In secret rooms they discovered scripts of paper with names written in blood. Later they discover huge memorial steles, noticing the names in blood matched those on the steles. While Midnight fell into a book reading orgy in a secret crypt, Rivek deciphered the journals as belonging to Olanthius who spoke about the Hellriders and service under Zariel. He spoke of cruelty of Haruman and his relished being in hellish servitude to Zariel. Olanthius felt differently about the ordeal, however. He longed to see the souls of the damned freed, and Zariel reminded of what it meant to be a celestial.

While they read, Kethra felt tense as something came upon them. A black suited, hellish looking knight stepped into the memorial room proclaiming to be Olanthius.

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