This week was fraught with preparation and planning.

The amalgam used endless eyes of the technocracy to help choose a victim to enact their entrance to the chemical plant on. Using hyperscience to delude their target into thinking John was someone familiar to her, they were able to drug her so that when the time was right they could enact their plan. They spent a week resting and recovering mentally from their time in the nightmare, and preparing for their infiltration. Devices were created, plans where enacted, and gear was acquired from Q branch in DEEPDARC. And lastly, a H.I.T. MARK cybernetic assassin was acquired to assist them with neutralizing the werewolf the technocracy sent them after. Once all was ready, they enacted their strange hybrid spell/hyperscience ritual. All was well until 57, endeavoring to try “magick” instead of hyperscience, caused a massive paradox.

Each member of the ritual was tossed into a mindscape wherein they interacted with their Genius or Avatar, except 57 who emerged from the ritual as something more than what 57 was prior. Now able to understand more of the truth of reality, 57’s power over Primal energy is vastly increased, and they can use both techno and traditional magick. Stantz faced his Genius in the form of Kevin from Intake, and chose to contain and remove the eldritch dna from within himself. He emerged with power over energy and time. John, given the choice of ultimate mutualism or personal freedom, chose freedom. He emerged with the knowledge that his mind was being corrupted by the Nephandus and with power over correspondence and connections. Walter THOUGHT he was interacting with his Avatar in the form of Coyote, but soon learned it actually was Coyote. Coyote helped him escape this spiritual trap he was in, but only when Walter agreed to allow Coyote out into the world. Walter emerged with Coyote, and the temporary mingling left him with a mastery of fate and luck.

The Amalgam emerged into the facility from the dreams of the sleeping mark as planned, but Coyote also emerged.

What chaos will this bring? Tune in next Monday to find out!

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