Our first session of Conan, we gushed for 30 minutes about how awesome Conan the Barbarian as a series is and our passion for it. Then we talked about all the exciting new mechanics! No one fell asleep, so that was good. Then our group of wanted criminals and miscreants met in a tavern in the capital of Zingara to discuss a new job for a strange, obsessed priest of Mitra. They accepted the job and made a blood pact before getting all the details, which in hindsight some of them may regret. The job is to head deep into uncharted waters of the Western sea, allow the priest to summon a ghost ship, then board the ship, somehow find a way to defeat it’s ghostly occupants, then sail it to a lost mythological island to find a legendary artifact, the Staff of Epimetrius. The new crew then spent one last night carousing and engaging in debauchery before heading to sea this coming Friday at 9pm EST…..

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