Our first night upholding the Vigil, three hunters from very disparate conspiracies and walks of life had a chance meeting outside a bar known to be neutral ground for supernaturals in Chicago. All three had recently re-opened cold hunter cases from decades ago, and all three had one changeling in common, our fourth player. The Hunters confronted each other directly and made a tense alliance, despite two of the hunters being very off-put by the apparently psychic powers of the third. Moving inside the bar, they watched and listened for a while, and then began an awkward conversation with the Changeling. After awkward became tense due once again to the psychic, the Union Hunter put all the cards on the table and the Changeling, realizing these cases related to his Fetch and his family, decided to throw his lot in with the newly formed Cell, for the time being. The group began making plans to head out of the city and across the vast expanse of Lake Michigan into the wilderness of the upper peninsula of said state, to dig into old wounds, long healed over and forgotten in a small lakeside town. Little did they know they had a dark shadow eavesdropping on them the entire time….

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