When last we were with our Heroes, they had set off from Fort Knucklebone on their Demon Grinder named the Hellcat’s Meow. With Rivek at the helm and Slobberchops guiding them using Lulu’s memories, they ended up at Haruman’s Hill — a place of torture and repentance — not the citadel that held Zariel’s sword.
With the sword being their ultimate goal, they started to retreat from the hill but were assaulted by Haruman himself on a flying nightmare descended upon them. Rivek struck the hell knight and was charged with “assaulting an officer”. Their predicament got worse as another Demon Grinder appeared over the horizon. As the dust plume joined them, Haruman peeled off vowing revenge. Meanwhile, the other demon grinder was crewed by a group of were-creatures led by Raggadragga. The heroes were able to defeat the were-creatures and their war machine, salvaging it for parts before carrying on where Lulu was leading them next — a source she thought might help lead them to Zariel’s Sword.
Guided to a place called the “Spawning Trees” Rivek road-killed a group of devils who were picking on another addled devil named Krikendolt who had taken a liking to a brood of abyssal chickens. Krikendolt did not know anything about any old sword or bleeding fortress, but he knew of a wizard who might. He directed them to the Tower of Urm, a ways across the River Styx.
To get across the River of Lost Memories, the crew could take a long ways around, or jump it. Pressured by all the ill-advised counsel in the universe, they decided to jump it. Rivek teleported across with Slobberchops both of whom took bets with each other on the outcome of the daring feat. Raylan Albright force of willed the jump, Kethra Britewood used all her arcane prowess, and Midnight prayed to her future husband, the God Oghman. Through all that, they jumped the River, landing safely on the other side.
With that, Rivek took the wheel again and guided them to the Tower of Urm. There they met a group of demons and devils standing oddly, yet peacefully along side each other. Come to find out, they were awaiting the arrival of the wizard who handed out jobs for pay to the locals. Come to find out even further, that wizard was none other than Mordenkainen himself. Though he did not know where the Bleeding Citadel was, he felt obliged to guide them to someone who might. He also leant the heroes a magical item from his stash for making his day most interesting.

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