This week the amalgam battled their way out of a nightmare (literally) construct with a little unexpected help. 57, John and Walter all woke up trapped in a shared nightmare.

Stantz’s consciousness was unable to be forced into the dream realm due to his epic dreams of battle, leaving his dreamshell body unoccupied. A spirit, long trapped in the dimension of nightmares possessed the dreamshell and endeavored to help the party escape so he, also, could escape. This stranger, named Liam, had great magickal power with Fate and Entropy. Facing their nightmares, the party were able to outwit the construct and John destroyed it’s memories, causing it to fall apart. Upon escaping back to the “real” world, it was discovered that Liam’s consciousness was trapped in Stantz’s body due to the paradox backlashes suffered by the technocrats in the dream dimension. Whilst Liam worked to free himself, the party had to take him with them as their Supervisor from the DEEPDARC construct called them in to be briefed on their next assignment. Through a combination of Liam’s bad acting and John’s mind control, they fooled Catalyst, their Supervisor, into believing Stantz was perfectly normal. “I’m a cat man! Let’s blow it up!” was muttered at least once. Upon receiving their assignment to infiltrate Abraxis-Cyadine and find the escaped Black Spiral Dancer Werewolf from their first mission, they began plotting how best to get in unseen, and get both jobs done (the Technocracy job and the double agent job of finding out what is in that mysterious large warehouse deep in the factory complex).

They decided to find a guard with full access clearance, follow them, find a predictable weakness, and slip a slow acting mickey to the guard, so they would fall asleep at a preprogrammed time while on shift. Then Walter and 57, working a blasphemous combination of Hyperscience and Magick, could allow the party to enter the guard’s dreams, and exit her or his body into the real world, deep inside the facility. They landed on a tight knit team of former ATF agents and spent the weekend shadowing 3 of them. Upon gathering the intel, they returned to John’s condo to plan their mad escapade, at which time Liam was finally able to free himself from Stantz’s body and Stantz was returned to normal….

Tune in next week to see if they manage it or end up, once again, trapped in another dimension!

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