For the past few weeks on Wednesday night at 9pm, @EldritchEchoes has lead a group of scream kings and queens through a B-Movie Horror Classic! That story came to its finale last night on Vorpal Tales!

In the finale of They Came from Beyond the Grave, the Mystic was stopped mere moments from eviscerating the Dupe by, of all things, a stalking superfan! He was able to wrest control of himself from the demonic entity inside but took a few moments too long with his battle of wills (and grooming) and the groupie was murdered by fleeing cultists! He then freed the Dupe and they ran into the house to escape from the house! Along the way, the spirits called to the Mystic from a mirror and he was entranced (definitely NOT because it was a mirror and he needed to check his hair) and was yanked into the spirit realm! In a desperate attempt to free him, the Dupe began smashing every mirror in the house!

Meanwhile, outside, using a holy silver cross and his iron will, the Hunter was able to free the Raconteur from the influence of the now evil Florence and together they defeated the imps and some cultists and set the summoning barn ablaze! Bleach is very explosive in this film. But not before the hellhound from the Victorian era returned to finish off the reincarnated Raconteur! After they dispatched the beast, the Dupe found them, having escaped the house, and realized a single bone was left from the ashes of the foul hellbeast and it was a now broken and sharp Saints Bone from the Victorian era!

While all this is happening, the Mystic realizes in the spirit world the future and the past have no meaning and he could finish spreading the barrier ashes that Florence failed to complete in the Victorian era! He sets to work, but the Demon is there in physical form and will do anything to stop him. After a test of wills, by the skin of his teeth the Mystic is able to con the demon and escape! He goes from the frying pan into the fire, literally, when he exits the spirit world with his friends, where they now face off against Florence and the remaining two co-ed cultists, now both possessed by the demon!

In the final battle, the evil Vampiress is shot, stabbed, punched, and scolded and out of nowhere, The modern Dupe ends her former self by staking her with the sharpened bone of a Saint and with a cinematic agonized scream, Florence is no more. The Mystic takes the wind out of one of the possessed coeds and tries to free the trapped spirit of the other, when out of nowhere two more of his stalker groupies appear to tackle the co-eds away from him and into the raging inferno of the barn. The barn spectacularly explodes and the blazing debris sets the evil house on fire. With no more mortal vessels or evil house to contain it, the demon is banished back to hell! Before the party leaves, a lone survivor crawls from the wreckage of the barn, and collapses into the Mystic’s arms. Everyone sees it is one of the possessed co-eds and she tells the Mystic he saved her soul. The camera fades out as they share a passionate kiss.

But before the credits roll, we see the shadowy form of the Professor escape into the night, to plot his horrible revenge. We will have to wait for the sequel to see what evils he summons to gain his vengeance and if… THEY CAME FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!

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