Every Thursday night at 8pm @SpacelordPajamas takes our crew straight to hell in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus.

Last time our heroes conversed with the recently free Duke Ravengard and the now talking and Lulu infused Slobberchops. Duke Ravengard spoke of how he saw a vision of Lulu escaping with a badly beaten warrior carrying a magical sword. Landing on a hell-swept plain, and being chased by demons, the warrior thrust the sword into the ground and Lulu let out a trumpeting roar. Like magic, a fortress rose up around them, and Lulu tried to escape further into hell but was assailed. She was found by two rovering kenku with no real memory of what had happened to her. That was more or less where the memories ended, and Slobberchops was able to confirm these things as Lulu’s mind was now in his — as well as her trunk on his face.

To this end, Lulu remembered that the kenku took residence at a place called Fort Knucklebone, ruled by Mad Maggie and her rovering band of infernal machine riders. The heroes then plotted to leave Elturel and make their way across the Blood War scarred lands of Avernus. Using Rivek’s powers, they teleported behind the lines of devils along the River Styx, trying to pulled Elturel down into hell. They were spotted by Zariel’s chief Leutinent, Lucille, who demanded of her minions, “Bring me that cat!”

The group teleported away repeatedly, exhausting Rivek. They managed to find their way to Fort Knucklebone where they met maddening Red Caps, a flaming skull, the two kenku, and the night hag Mad Maggie herself. Knowing that they had Lulu’s soul trapped in Slobberchops, she offerred them a deal — let her drop them into a dreamscape and see Lulu’s memories and revel in the misery. They agreed, and easily skipped through Lulu’s memories, seeing the Fortress that rose up over Zariel’s sword. The path was clear; they had to retrieve Zariel’s sword, and Lulu knew where to find it.

And so our crew boarded their newly acquired infernal war machine and rode out onto the dusty wastes of Avernus.

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