Every Wednesday night at 9pm, @EldritchEchoes leads a group of scream kings and queens through a B-Movie Horror Classic!

After reawakening, our Victorian heroes formulated a plan to gather the necessary implements to lock the evil up deep under the house. The Raconteur attempted to trick his fiancé into crying genuine tears of betrayal. He was able to collect his tears but she figured out it was a trick and he left with a tongue lashing and a thoroughly slapped face. The Dupe attended confession with her priestly contact and was able to acquire her part. The Hunter had a clandestine meeting with former cultists he freed from evil, and they traded him his part for a promise to never ask them for anything again. And finally the Mystic borrowed a precious heirloom owned by one of his closest friends, smashed it, and took the skull he needed out of it. Once all ingredients where gotten, they threw together a hasty plan to split up and take care of the evil in the house. But then, disaster! The Dupe was on the second floor trying to ward the house when the rest of the group heard her desperate scream and she was never seen again! The Raconteur was turned into a vampire by the spawn of Satan and the Hunter was forced to end his torment! The Mystic’s Vampire soulmate sacrificed herself to hold the demon down long enough for the Hunter and the Mystic to trap it deep under the ground! Only the Mystic and the Hunter escaped into the night…
Meanwhile, in the modern era, the group wakes up in the cellar and discusses their shared dream, but are interrupted by the arrival of the professor and his lackeys! They attempt to fight their way out but they discover that the Victorian Dupe is still alive! She had been turned into a vampire and has returned a century later to finish the job of freeing the great evil into the world! In the ensuing chaos the group is separated! Outside the house, the Hunter is hellbent on destroying the summoning circle in the storage building, but is thwarted at the last second by the Raconteur as it is revealed he is under the sway of the Victorian Vampiress ever since she caught him in the secret passages in an earlier episode!

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