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Last time in the story, Allison and the Olympic crew had been showboating their talents, claiming the victories by the Eventide crew as their own. This instigated Eventide to promote a propaganda campaign of smear against them. Meanwhile, Apo-Man was excited to learn about “the Internet”. Teal Hex lets Apo in on one of her “pranks”, teaches secrets, pranks, and laughing — to horrifying results on Apo-Man’s part. Hex invites Apo to pull a prank by taking hits for her in combat. Apo attempts to prank the Siberian, to which the Siberian simply shrugs off with a smile.

Later on Apo-Man came to learn about the horrors of the deep ocean from Eventide. He meets a large squid, a baby great white shark, and other horrors of the deep. This reminds Apo-Man that Allison is the greatest horror of all.

Dale the regular DHS man (being the only one who does not fear approaching the manor) delivers a package addressed to all of the the Eventide Eldritch Echoes. The Siberian has Apo open the package only to find a note inside that is nigh unreadable, almost in childlike handwriting. After some deciphering; Mary Willow, a nine year old, asks the heroes to make the world safer so she can go and play with her friends. The Arbalest uses his connections and investigates the letter and discovers Mary’s father is George Willow. He used to be a top mind in the mechanical field, but has not been able to hold a job as of late. His station and salary and length of employment have been rapidly declining and the Arbalest confirms the letter was indeed written by a 9 year old.

The Siberian assembles the team, but first, pizza — of course. The Team takes the time to figure out how to get to a house in the suburbs — which ultimately ends up with them all utilizing their different methods of transport. The Team knocks on the abode’s door and George Willow does not know who they are talking about when asked about Mary. The Team, through their powers, sees the house morph and create a child’s room and Eventide and Arbalest teleport in. Eventide is able to determine the room was created only moments ago. Knocking again, The Siberian threatens force, and the Hex “good cop” appealing to George’s good nature. Apo Man reads his thoughts seeing that the man is completely enthralled and is making up “Mary”.

Suddenly the Team is attacked by Ninjas and engages in combat. After a large battle in the suburbs, the Arbalest stumbles on a contraption of sorts that seems to project an energy source. They are suddenly attacked by a woman with even more kickass ninjas, with the cry of a young girl ringing out.

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