Monday nights at 8pm, @EldritchEchoes leads our amalgam of mutual agents through a terrifying adventure of subterfuge and magic in Technocracy Reloaded.

This episode, the amalgam met up for fish and chips after a week of settling in to their cover lives. During that week, Walter decided to call up a trickster spirit and attach it to John. 57 also installed a humor upgrade and tried it out. John tried to join in the fun but of course took it to a dark place. After an eventful dinner, they decided to work as a group on getting the dirt on Abraxas-Cyadine. 57 created nanobots to use when they inevitably infiltrate the chemical complex while Walter, John, and Stantz worked together to hack the company’s network. They were able to retrieve quite a lot of data before they ran into the complex’s sentient AI defense system. They bailed before they could be traced.

Unpacking the information took all weekend, but in the end they learned that Abraxis-Cyadine was, in fact, getting hypertech directly from the Syndicate’s SISD (Special Information Security Division). Upon learning that at least part of what the mysterious Cassandra Complex told them was true, they decided to let John delve into their minds to find out if what they were told about their own pasts might be true. After a harrowing trip through 57’s mind, John and Walter together where able to reveal each of the Technocract’s dark pasts. In order to save Stantz, the Technocracy fused Shoggoth DNA with his making him part eldritch horror and not telling him. 57 was vat-born and was only 3.5 years old. The two scientists who donated DNA to her creation where apparently killed trying to expose unethical practices within the Progenitors. And John found out he was cloned from one of the New World Order’s greatest agents who turned on the technocracy and was killed.

Find out what happens next at 8pm on Mondays on the stream!

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