Thursday evenings, @SpacelordPJs runs our intrepid heroes through a hell-bound gauntlet of undead, devils, and demons in Dungeons and Dragons, Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus.

Last time our heroes had discovered the refugees in the undercroft of the High Hall of Elturel. Their representative informed them that Duke Ravengard — their last remaining salvation for liberation — had trekked off to the Great Cemetary to investigate and find a way to halt the invasion of undead that were plaguing the High Hall. Our heroes followed his trail, slogging through the undead and a man who approached them under the guise of a truce. Unrelenting, our heroes smote them all and continued below the chapel. From there they found footsteps leading deeper in. Kethra managed to ensnare a melphit into being her familiar. At the end of the undercroft’s winding tunnels, they came upon an entranced Duke Ravengard. Upon touching him, the heroes found him engaged in a mental war against the Demon Price Baphomet. Using all their psychic powers and strength, the pulled the crowned helmet from Ravengard’s head, breaking the trance. However, a burst of magic slammed into Slobberchops and Lulu, somehow seeming to merge their essences into one celestial monstrosity.

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