Nine Hundred covid years ago when we were playing this game before all the charity streams that lasted 8000 covid weeks…

Our heroes assulted the bridge where demons were posted to halt interlopers. However, they were quickly defeated and made their way to the High Hall, which was crumbling on the edge of town.

Hoping to acquire source evidence of Thavius Kreeg’s doings in his offices, they waded through devils only to find that his offices had been torn away into the ether above Avernus, with no way of retriving what was inside.

While a howling devil pounded on the organ above, the group found a secret entrance in the altar to Torm, the Hand of Justice, where they were able to discovered several hundred refugees hiding in the still intact catacombs. They were told that Baron Ravengard from Baldur’s Gate had heroically marched off to the cemetary to investigate how the undead might be stopped from invading the High Hall. Reya Mantlemorn has agreed to stay behind and organize the protection of the survivors. Meanwhile, Vendetta is still crushing on Raylan and follows him deeper into the depths of hell.

And that is where we find out heroes; on the edge of the great cemetary of Elturel.

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