Hello Mutual Technocrats. On Monday evenings @EldritchEchoes runs Vorpal Tales players through Onyx Path Publishing’s Mage 20th: Technocracy Reloaded.

After having discussed werewolves and deviants, The Team headed out to the National Forest to investigate therianthrope– shapeshifters, werewolves, whatever they may be called. They headed into the woods where The MiB and The Spirittalker were able to find their way to a location of mass carnage. There they were set upon by some Kin, who were investigating the site themselves and appeared to be looking for something. Not much came of the discussion, but Walter the Spirittalker was able to convince them they were no enemies and more than likely, a group who could help. With that, the Kin departed, as did The Team with a short investigation.

They went into town and eat a breakfast/lunch at a diner where all looked upon them with distaste. Furthermore, they discovered they were being watched by agents of the Technocracy — more than likely there to make sure they did their jobs correctly. The Team departed the diner and headed over to the house of the Kin, where they sent Walter in to converse with them further. Walter offered the services of 57, a proven doctor, to help aid one of the Kin. Bjorn, a massive literal beast of a man, came out of the house and procured 57. Meanwhile, John Doeman waited silently in the lobby, while the Sergeant sat outside keeping watch with the silent, and gruff Bjorn — only gaining his interest after the mention of “werewolves in mech suits”.

After an eight hour operation to heal the Kin, 57 was exhausted. Meanwhile, the time spent gave The Team chance to become fast friends with the Kin over beer, pizza, and Netflix. The Kin offered up the assistance of Bjorn as well as the strange metal from the shadow walkers. This gave the Sergeant the idea to lay an obvious trap to draw out the shadow walkers. This was after John Doeman has suggested simply taking in one of the Kin in order to complete their mission. The Sergeant was not about to take an “innocent” and felt it was more scientifically advantageous to have one of the more destructive beings in custody — not to mention the 2-for-1 of having taking out a group of shadow walkers causing paradox.

At an old quarry they laid a trap, and the metal soon drew the shadow walkers. The Sergeant took on the largest while wielding his powersuit. Otherwise the others were able to either subdue or kill several of the shadow walkers themselves, but no without injury. With a double plasma barrel to the face, the largest of them went down (“Stop breaking my toys!”). Bjorn followed the last of the shadow walkers into the spirit realm, leaving The Team free to escape with one of the shadow walkers caught in a net by Walter.

With that they returned to Detroit, mission accomplished.

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