Hey there Scream Kings and Queens! On Wednesday nights @EldritchEchoes runs Vorpal Tales players through Onyx Path Publishing’s Hammer Films inspired, They Came From…Beyond the Grave.

Our Wednesday night game for …Beyond the Grave started out with a rules recap, and explanation of all the new characters. While this is much the same in relation to Beneath the Sea. There were new Trademarks, Tropes, and Quips for the new classes specific to this game; The Dupe, The Professor, The Medium, The Hunter, and The Raconteur.

From there, we got a cinematic introduction to the game foreshadowing an eventual escape from the haunted house. However, only three of the five heroes, and a villain seems to have survived. From there the scene moves to the 1970’s with an introduction of The Professor from Wales, UK, at the University of Cardiff, in winter. The Professor (an NPC) has an experimental sleep deprivation study planned with untested drugs being conducted on 8 subjects. The Dupe (Sarah) — a french woman and one of his students — each participant in the study (the other players) and each new character is introduced. The Hunter (Shawn) is at a bar trying to do his best to drown out his nightmarish terrors that fill his mind when he tries to sleep. The Raconteur (Devin) is revealing a solved crime. The Medium (Steve) is fleecing a lady for money. Each future participant experiences something creepy, foreshadowing doom.

The Dupe reads up on the house in the collect library. From there the story segways to the Victorian era. Counterparts to the 70’s characters arrive at dinner party, held at an expensive restaurant. They are there to discuss investigating The Dupe — a rich local woman — and her house upon which a murder took place. Rumor has run amok and people think the house is now haunted. There is a “Reason vs Supernatural” discussion amongst the dinner guests, until The Dupe says that she must retire to her abode to prepare for tending to the rest’s arrival. The rest of the dinner party follows in a carriage ride to the house not long after. The characters are introduced to the unsettlingly creepy house. There is a sitting room with a fireplace carved with screaming faces (to which no one took notice). The is a bit of small talk before the fire goes out! Everyone believes there are ghosts is in room. Suddenly the lights come back, but a window is open that was not before.

At this moment, The Dupe suggests a seance in the murder room to ferret out the spirits. They all climb a set of terrifying stairs, that lead into massive hallways that appear to go on forever. The Murder Room is explored, and appears to be covered endlessly in blood. The Medium reads the past of a hand mirror and sees part of murder taking place. A Ghost appears and cries for help; all in the room hear this. The Raconteur sees a figure fleeing from the house and gives chase out the window. The rest of The Party follows and in the hall, The House attempts to trap them in an endless corridor trope. They escape, but the house slams doors shut. The Hunter superkicks to freedom with all 10’s rolled on his dice. The Raconteur is drawn out alone and hellish beast hound attacks him. A terrible fight ensues, but once odds are against hound, it is recalled by evil sounding whistles in the dark. The servants scream back at the house, announcing someone else was murdered in the house while party was outside.

And thus the story ended on a cliffhanger with a fade to black.

They Came From Beyond the Grave is not yet in print and prepping for a kickstarter kicking off next week. Look for it. Otherwise check out the trailer below.

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