Hey there snicker-snacks! @SpacelordPajamas leads a heroic Awesome Adventure on Thursday nights at 8pm. The current Awesome Adventure is Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus.

Our heroes began preparations for their journey to save Elturel from its hellish fate. Sylvira provided them with a spell component upon which a friend of hers, Traxigor — a wizard who lived in a tower not far from Candlekeep, and owed her a favor — would be able to teleport them to wherever Elturel had fallen. Falaster Fisk wished them well, informing the group that he would need to get back to spying on devils for Sylvira. At the griffon docks, Mortlock explained he too would not be going with them to the Nine Hells. Seeing as how they had helped him sort of turn his life around, he wanted to continue on that path and make it so that he would have to never look upon scored hellish planes with his own eyes. They bid farewell to their new-found friend and were off to Traxigor’s tower.

They arrived at Traxigor’s tower and were greeted by an otter — who happened to be Traxigor himself. Traxigor introduced them to Lulu the Holyphant — a sparkling, golden, fuzzy elephant with wings. She claimed to be an old friend of the Arch-Angel-turned-devil, Zariel. The party regarded Lulu with indifference and proceeded to stand upon the standard issue pentagram laid in salt on the floor. With a strike of a tuning fork upon Sylvira’s spell component, the party — along with Lulu, were swept away into the planes, and laid upon the fields of hell in the city of Elturel, bound in iron chains, hovering above the River Styx upon the first level of the Nine Hells; Avernus. Thus they had begun their descent.

Reya Mantlemorn looked upon her city with dismay; cumbled, battered, torn, and everywhere on fire, Elturel was being drag to hell with no apparent way to stop it. Meanwhile, Raylan happened to notice a suit of plate mail on a corpse on the ground next to him. With some convincing he donned the suit and felt very well protected within. Then came out a scream among the other hellish screams of agony. The party rushed to the sound to find a mother and her toddlers being attacked by bearded devils. Raylan immediately found something inside himself, empowered by the armor, “rip and tear their guts” it said, and Raylan raged against the devils. Midnight sprung into action casting Sanctuary on the mother and her children to protect them. Raylan’s bloodlust was not sated until all of the bearded devils had fallen. His friends seemed puzzled by his change in natural. They investigated the armor, but it did not seem cursed. They took the mother and her children into their care, with Reya standing guard protecting them as they moved further through Elturel towards bridges that Reya said might allow them to get to the High Hall.

They continued on, facing a zombie horde, and rescued a young girl from a foursome of hungry ghasts. They also stood toe-to-toe against a mounted Narzugon cavalier who they held in place both by fear and magic. Finally they reached the one of the two of Torm’s Bridges that would carry them across to the other side of the city. Adorned with holy symbols and patrolled by devilish guards, this seemed to be their only avenue of hope.

And that is where we left it, till next awesome time.

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