On Friday nights at 8pm @VoodooArcade leads a group of aspiring heroes through our Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Awesome Adventure, Capes of Valor, now onto Trade Two Future Fates.

The issue opens with our new team of the regenerated Doctor Eventide, the stalwartly optimistic Siberian, with their new teammates The Teal Hex with her luck powers, The Arbalest and his expert aim, and Apotropaism Man…the…whatever. In the Olympic City Mercantile District, the heroes stood toe-to-toe with a group of mercenary villains; Arctic Fox, Explodo The Great, Maestro, and Kidd Grimm.

Explodo the Great opened up the scene with a volley of exploding debris, exclaiming how great he was. Threatening civilians, Doctor Eventide covered the area with a frozen myst, debilitating friend and foe alike. The Maestro with his sonic powers attacked the group, along with Kidd Grimm — the undead cowboy bounty hunter. Meanwhile Arctic Fox lined up his shots from the buildings above. The Teal Hex struck back, causing unfortunate debris to clobber the villains.

Cutting back to weeks, perhaps months before, The Siberian and Doctor Eventide sat in the Sunless Solarium, with a desk piled high with folders. Stoic in the corner, Doctor Eventide was off in thought — perhaps communing with elder things beyond the pale. The Teal Hex sat quietly/not-quietly opposite the Siberian who asked a single question after The Doctor had barely briefed her file and approved it, “If you were a pizza, what kind of pizza would you be?” Satisfied with The Teal Hex’s answer, The Siberian shook Hex’s hand and sent her off to Human Resources to sign the paperwork. Afterwards they commented on how “his file” was still in the pile. The Siberian pushed it off the desk into the trash.

Back at the Commerce Plaza, the team struggled against Explodo and Maestro. The Siberian attempted to flick away Maestro’s conductor’s baton, but it was merely for show as his sonic emitters were more concerned. The Arbalest tracked the sniping Arctic Fox and tried to pin him down, but was undeterred. The two had a sniping bout between bullet and arrow, and the pages quickly slipped away to the interview with The Arbalest. Doctor Eventide loomed over him with a black stare that spoke volumes of horrors beneath the veil of reality. “Your mother won’t be a problem, will she?” Eventide asked. The Arbalest seemed ashamed to reply, but conceded that she would not. The Arbalest, despite what others may feel — especially his criminal mastermind mother’s fiendishly selfish desires for her son to succeed her — was dedicated to doing the write thing. After The Siberian was satisfied with what type of pizza the Arbalest would be, he was signed on. Meanwhile “his resume” turned up again, to which The Siberian burned it and tossed it out back into the dumpster.

Finally, it was…/sigh…Apotropaism Man’s time to shine. With a solar blast, he ignited Arctic Fox into nigh oblivion. The rest of the team started to whittle down Explodo and Maestro, to which Kidd Grimm — seeing the fight not going his way — mounted his spectral horse and rode off into the distance. Apotropaism Man proud of his accomplishments as everyone looked on.

It was quiet in the Sunless Solarium. The Siberian’s mouth agape. Doctor Eventide, despite not having them, showed the signs of annoyance and disturbance. The strange Doctor uttered, “Not dealing with this,” and teleported away. Annoyed, The Siberian excused himself from Apotropaism’s interview, and trudged out to the Bottomless Marsh Lake, where Doctor Eventide submerged himself at the bottom in his darkest times of contemplating. The Siberian donned a rebreather and joined the Doctor at the bottom, touching the Doctor, letting him feel his emotions of frustration. How…how after dumping his resume twice into the garbage, moving it to the bottom of the pile several times, burning it many more times, how was it now on their interviewing desk and Apotropaism Man himself before them.

Frustrations aside, The Siberian returned to the desk, dropped his gimmicky accent and exclaimed, “How is it you are here?” Apotropaism man politely explained, to which The Siberian regretted it and hushed him. Against every fiber in his being, he was nice to Apotropaism Man, even going so far as to ask him his pizza question. Exasperated at how he was still here, The Siberian approved his joining the team.

After several rounds of superhero action, Explodo and Maestro were restrained and the heroes won the day. Just as soon as that happened, the Olympic Team came onsite, to which the heroes immediate vacated. However, the nightly news attributed the saviors as being the Olympic Team, the heroes knew who had won the day. They proudly enjoyed their pizza party having their first true test of the team.

Even Apotropaism Man was invited to partake — if he wanted and stuff.

Tune in next week to see where this awesome superhero adventure takes us.

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