Hey there Scream Kings and Queens! On Wednesday nights @EldritchEchoes runs Vorpal Tales players through Onyx Path Publishing’s B-Move-tastic, They Came From…Beneath the Sea.

The group was approached by grays, who attempted to try and take The Everyman, promising paradise. The group however convinced him it was a bad idea. Yet The Scientist was determined to dispose of the of the aliens and throw a molotov cocktail but failed. Moving onto the Special Projects room, they found information on a special submarine and warhead being designed to eliminate the gillkin city. In the opposite hanger, they found the warhead, but an explosion rocked the facility, forcing them to manually move the warhead to the low levels. As the rocking of the facility caused them to be precarious as they made their way to a freight elevator that was shut down. The Scientist attempted to fix it, but found out as they used it, it shot quickly down the shaft. The warhead survived, and they made their way down a hallway to the moonpool where the submarine was supposed to reside

However there were gillkin and frogmen blocking the entrance to the moonpool. The G-Man and The Everyman attacked! The Everyman lost control of his alien weapon and injured himself, but killed several of the gill/frogmen. It became quickly apparent why they were there as an aquatic centipede lept from the waters and barreled down the hallway nearly killing everyone as they were thrust aside. They managed to trap the centipede by using the elevator doors as a vice. The facility was going critical forcing the group to move quickly, donning underwater suits. The Survivor hauled the warhead on his back and jumped into the water. As they trudged along the seafloor, they fought off many a gillman making their way to the submarine, they got inside.

The Scientist performed first aid on The Everyman who took quite a blow. Meanwhile the The Survivor ordered The G-man to hook up and load the warhead, while he moved to the helm starting up the submarine and guiding it towards the undersea city of the gillman. Suddenly a giant undersea monster rose over the gillman city. The Survivor ordered for ramming speed and with The Scientist’s help, they gained enough speed to break the back of the monster. It was then that The Survivor ordered for the firing of the warhead, destroying the undersea city of the gillman in spectacular fashion. Surfacing, they look on at the explosion they had wrought, they saw the alien saucer and a beam emerged taking the doctor inside. The group then got a call on the radio, as a general demanded answers, The Survivor told off the superior officer and ordered his team to ride off into the horizon sunset.

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