Hey there snicker-snacks! @SpacelordPajamas leads a heroic Awesome Adventure on Thursday at 8pm. The current Awesome Adventure is Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus.

Last week our intrepid heroes had left Baldur’s Gate and started down the Coast Way towards Candlekeep where they hoped to shed some light on the infernal goings-ons. The Shield of the Hidden Lord continued to speak to Rivek to no avail. At the Wyrm’s Crossing not far outside the walls of Baldur’s Gate, they came across many merchants hawking their wares. The Paladin, Raylan Albright attempted to purchase some fruit only to find out that one of his coin purses had been snatched away. Being the unobservant soul that he is, he was unable to detect where the pick-pocket might have gotten off to. Meanwhile the rest of the crew where purchasing rations and other necessities for the road.

Raylan stumbled upon a hooded figure, or more to say, they stumbled on him purposefully. Revealing themselves to be Vendetta, the young tiefling from the Dungeon of the Dead Three. She had heard of the exploits of him and his friends and wanted to join them. Raylan took her back to the rest of the crew and re-introduced them. Happy to have her along, Midnight regaled her of all the stories that she had missed since they last saw her in the dungeons. They continued on for a day, resting at night without incident. Pressing on for the second day, they ran across a farmer and his cart. Yet it was not as it appear, as a fiend-blooded cambion accosted them along with three other evil warriors. The party quickly dispatched them, keeping one for interrogation. He claimed that he wanted the shield, and that he would return it to his masters for the glory of the fiends. Kethra had heard enough and kicked the horse drawing the carriage, dragging the evil warrior along behind.

The rest of the trip was uneventful till close to Candlekeep, as they rested for the evening, Reya Mantlemourn told them the story of her town, Elturel. How she proudly served it. How one day devils had broken the walls and the people prayed for a savior. That savior came in the form of Zariel, an angel who rose up the cavalry of the city and marched towards a portal to hell in the Fields of the Dead. The angel lead her hosts into the Nine Hells itself. But only they returned. Now known as the Hellriders, they stood as the protectors of Elturel and it rose as a great nation. Now the Hellriders were all but lost.

At the gates of Candlekeep, the warrior scholar monks required a book of unique value. Though they had several books on them that might pass, Midnight offered up her own journals as payment for entry. Inside, Falastar Fisk took them to meet his associate Sylvira Savikas who helped them open the infernal puzzle box. Inside were iron plates decreeing Thavius Kreeg’s pledge to the Arch-Devil Zariel that he would offer up his soul and all those of Elturel to her after fifty year’s time. This sealed the notion that Kreeg was behind all of this. Sylvira charged the group with helping Reya bring back her city to the Material Plane. To do so, she would send them to a wizard’s tower where a spell could be cast to have them enter hell itself.

While the group prepped for the evening, Raylan attempted to take Vendetta out on a “date” to the only place in Candlekeep that he could — The Hearth. There they started their meal, but Vendetta took an interest in an ogre sitting and reading by the fire. The ogre proclaimed that he was Little One, and told them the story of how he recovered a Headband of Intelligence after murdering a halfling. Attuning to the magical item, the ogre immediate felt complete remorse for his actions and has since strived to atone. Raylan traded a book with the ogre, to which he later gave Midnight. Vendetta ended the evening, preventing Raylan from ending his night by the seaside as Kethra suggested.

With the night over, and everyone prepared, they felt the grim decision to enter hell looming over them.

And that is where we left it, till next awesome time.

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