On Monday, July 6th, 2020 @VoodooArcade lead a group of aspiring heroes through our Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Awesome Adventure, Capes of Valor.

Last time we left our heroes, Fright Night/Scary Eyes faced off against X, the cyborg ninja from the future, and appeared to be winning. Furthermore, Scary Eyes had blasted Doctor Eventide with the full force of the heavenly pages of the singing tome, causing an immense amount of light to pour into Eventide’s body, attempt to cleanse him. Meanwhile, X continued to spar with Scary Eyes, but as X went to parry Scary Eyes’ blade a final time, the blade became almost ethereal, and X’s Will was pitted against the dark powers of Scary Eyes as the blade swept through him, causing intense fear.

Meanwhile, The Siberian and Nightingale attempted to fight off another group of strange tooth-filled, zombie-like creatures that Scary Eyes had summoned forth. Over the screaming agony of Eventide’s cleansing they fought and started to quickly dispatch the beasts — with Eventide managing to muster the strength to defeat at least one of the zombie teeth monsters. After several rounds of battle, the zombies were nearly dealt with and Eventide had snapped out of his pain-induced trance, flinging The Siberian towards Scary Eyes, allowing the giant cat man to initiated one hell of a headlock on Scary Eyes. Using his large stature against Scary Eyes, The Siberian grappled the dark knight leaving the armored one’s neck vulnerable to X, who cleaved it from his armored body.

Moments later, a thirsty angelic presence emerged from the armored corpse, exclaiming that he had done a good thing; exposing Eventide’s 9000 year old undead body to a soul. It was healing him and both killing him. Cleansing the Earth of such a being would allow the angelic being to go home — or so he thought. Nightingale, furious that the now angelic Scary Eyes was still hurting her friends, unleashed her voice upon him, which caused a temporal vortex that blew X through time and space to a singular room with a glowing terminal. Nightingale was thrown back to the heavens where she became what she was meant to be — a powerful avenging angel…the loved cookies.

All the while, the Siberian was left alone with his dying friend, with nothing more to utter than, “this is weird”. However, Eventide snapped-to and greeted his friend dryly and emotionless. Yet with a touch of the Siberian, life appeared to return to Eventide’s eyes, “we need to build another team; let’s go get some pizza!” The two heroes found themselves a pizza parlor, looking over files for new recruits to rebuild their superhero team — just not with the crazy tests like the crazy bitch Allison Baskin.

In a lonely room, with a lone glowing terminal, X stood in what he could only deduce was a new timeline. His AI helper — Mirage — asked something she never has, “Where are we”. Opening a metal garage door, X looked out over a sand blasted wasteland as a marauding band of black and chrome cars were racing towards his position.

The future had changed…but not for the better.

Remember snicker-snacks, Capes of Valor gets a new day on July 10th, where we will begin Trade Two of the series! See you then!

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