Hey there snicker-snacks! @SpacelordPajamas leads a heroic Awesome Adventure on Friday at 8pm. This will be moving to Thursdays at 8pm the week of the 13th (July 16th).

In our last adventure, the heroes found themselves in the moist, 10-foot corridor high basements-come-dungeons of the Vanthampur manor. Set upon immediately by spine devils, the group made short work of these devils, and then quickly made their way into the surrounding tunnels. Through some deduction, they discovered that wandering patrols were walking about the corridors with censers trying to arriate the pungent smell of the sewer-laden dungeon with incense. They heroes waylaid a duo of these patrols, hiding the bodies as they stole the robes, upon which Kethra and Midnight donned as disguises.

Continuing along the southern corridor, they stumbled on a jail, where a bearded devil named Jarrad Beard-Snake was quietly minding his business guarding two prisoners. The foul devil was smote, and they heroes freed the prisoners. One of them provide to be an informative spy from Candlekeep, Falastar Fick. The other was a noblewoman with an ill attitude towards her saviors. She was vetted and then escorted out. Meanwhile, Falastar offered to aid them in their quest, as he had knowledge of the dungeons before he was caught. He led them further along the southern corridor to the vaults. Lacking the skill other than a spell to open the door, they used it, causing an echoing thud throughout the dungeon. Everyone quickly moved inside, except for Kethra and Midnight who used their disguises to throw off the approaching guards. “I dropped my censer,” was all Kethra needed to convince them that was the sound they heard.

In the vault, the found a startled Thavius who immediately thanked his saviors from the punish of his captors. Reya Mantlemourn felt relieved to have finally found her spiritual leader intacted. However, Raylan Albright had his qualms about the chance meeting. Raylan questioned Thavius Kreeg about his affairs in the past few weeks. It was strange that he was out of the city when Elturel sunk — apparently into the Nine Hells. Demanding that he use his clerical magic, Thavius failed to produce as he had lost the favor of his guards. It became quickly apparent that he was the reason for Elturel sinking, to which Reya had a violent reaction. With her sword against his throat, they demanded answers, but Thavius merely felled himself on Reya’s sword. Raylan was quick to act and prevented the death. A gibbering moron at this point, inches from death, they bagged him and let Mortlock carry him about. They also came upon the Shield of the Hidden Lord. Thavius’ scrawlings depicted this shield as the reason for the sad state of affairs in Baldur’s Gate. Thavius hoped that prolonged exposure would help sink the city into Hell as well.

Falaster explains that there is a main hall where the rituals are performed. Carrying the Shield, Rivek hears it call to him and wish for him to free it from its imprisonment. It explains that it is a trapped celestial being. Rivek with all of his psychic abilities knows that it is lying and that it is nothing more than a trapped devil of immense power. At the ritual hall, they found cultist worshipping an angelic statue of Zariel, who was said to be a devil lord now. Their murmured speaking was how she would lead them into victory in the Blood War. The heroes quickly got the upper hand on the cultists, and noticed Lady Vanthampur trying to make her exit. She was prevented from doing so as Rivek mental subdued her and kept her idle. She refused to relent, and they cut off her hands so that she could not be of any sort of danger to them.

They left the dungeon and manor, and turned Thavius over to the guard and Lady Vanthampur to the refugees, as they deserved their justice. She was strung up in a makeshift wooden cage and jeered at by the refugee mob. The Lady Poyter — the niece of one of the Dukes — arrives and takes charge of the Flaming Fist. She offers them aid in the form of weapons and armor. Kethra finds a rusty old sword that sings as it is swished about. With the Shield of the Hidden Lord in tow, they leave the city of Baldur’s Gate and already the graven air is lifted. Reya exclaims to her refugee people that they will bring Elturel back, along with Raylan claiming the same feat. The heroes march off to Candlekeep with their ragtag band in tow, with only answers before them.

Unbeknownst to them they are followed by a shadowy figure…

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