Recap of They Came From…Beneath the Sea for July 1st, 2020

On Wednesday nights @EldritchEchoes runs Vorpal Tales players through Onyx Path Publishing’s B-Move-tastic, They Came From…Beneath the Sea.

This week our Scream Kings and Queens were split between the group of The Survivor, The G-Man, and The Everyman, and then The Scientist all on his own. The Trio of intrepid heroes slinked down into the basement, bypassing an iron door with a bell, where The Everyman sneaked past a Gillkin and several cultists to get his hands on an electric ray gun. He attempted to give them a taste of their own medicine, but the ray gun was not quite fully charged, leading to an all-out brawl. Quickly dispatching them, the trio grabbed what looked important and headed back upstairs as they heard a ruckus.

Meanwhile, the Scientist had been pulled into the cultist meeting, though his fishman disguise held up just well enough to pass off as one of them. While the cult ritual ensued, The Scientist concocted a diversion that smelled of shark, sending the gathered fishmen into a frenzy. The trio arrived to find a trampled Scientist, and freed the woman who was about to be sacrificed in the ritual. She departed quickly, and started shotgunning the cultists, chasing them into the yard. The group now back together, left quickly, detonating their riggings in the house to blow it up. Seeing that they needed to get back to the elevator with their gear from the Hardware Store, they sped off into the a torrent rain storm. The Survivor at the wheel, lost control and slammed into a fishman who burst through the windshield. Trying to turn over the engine, it became flooded leaving the crew with nothing left to do but to push it downhill. The Janitor lended his aid, but was caught up in a mob of frenzied gillkin. Much to the The Survivor’s terrible dismay, leaving The Everyman to take the wheel. Losing control of the truck, they ramped off into the bay.

With quick thinking, The G-man rigged the winch to a nearby boat, and hauled up the truck. Along with The Scientist who used a damaged power pack for the ray gun to overcharge the truck’s engine, turning the drivetrain so fast, that it became the world’s first amphibious vehicle. This worked too well, as the truck drag the boat and part of the dock across the bay to the reef where they crashed ashore. The Everyman, having been tainted earlier by the use of the ray gun’s damaged power pack, felt drawn to the sea. However, he was scared back ashore by the efforts of The G-man in their shark costume. Hauling their gear using one of the military vehicles, they set about repairing the secret base’s elevator lift. Making quick work of it, they descended deep into the reef to the secret facility.

They made their way to Special Weapons Division, and were attempting to get into that wing of the facility, when three gaunt and glowing humanoid creatures assailed them.

That is where we left it for the evening. Tune in next week for all the B-movie greatness!

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