This week, on Capes of Valor, lead by @VoodooArcade on Monday night June 29th, 2020 — our Heroes of Doctor Eventide, Nightingale, X, and The Siberian sought out the “Scary-Eyes” guy who stole pages to the “singing book” or its power apparently.

Using his vast resources, Eventide squared up a place for combat in a factory, giving the workers the day off to avoid human casualties in the pending fight. Using his powers, he prepared the “signal tattoo” for their captive associate, Carl, who had a run-in with Scary-Face-Eyes at the auction. Arriving at the factory, they setup a trap as best they could. Applying the tattoo to Carl, Scary-Eyes was quick to arrive. He stared down The Siberian and struck fear CATastrophic fear into his very kitty-man soul. Scary-Eyes summoned a series of Dretch demon-dogs to his aid. The Siberian, despite cold and fearful let the dogs CATch those hands.

Meanwhile X struck out against the demon-dogs as well. Nightingale attempted her song, but was unable to break through their hellish defenses. Eventide blasted Scary-Eyes with his dark powers, surging through the demonic knight as best he could. This all was for naught, as Scary-Eyes slunk into the darkness, only to appear again as a flaming hellknight. He struck out at Nightingale with his flaming steal, citing her as the first to call. X interposed however, halting the attack, and reposting deep into the Scary-Eye’s arm nearly taking it off. Seeing he was eveningly matched he claimed to be more than what he seemed, and reached out to Eventide blasting him with a beam of light — the Doctor’s greatest weakest.

That is where we left it.

Tune in next time for more Capes of Valor!

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