Last time our intrepid heroes made their way from the bathhouse with a cult dungeon under it, to the Low Lantern, where they were advised by Mortlock to investigate his brother, Amrik Vanthampur. Amrik ran a loan shark business from within the bowls of the Low Lantern. If they could apprehend him and use him as leverage, it might get the heroes into the Vanthampur manor somehow.

While milling about the Low Lantern and making their plan, Reya Mantlemorn literally stepped into this lives. She was a Hellrider in exile, as her city had sunken into a crater, and some said — into the Nine Hells. Recognizing that they were allies in the same cause, Reya related to them how Thavius Kreeg — the spiritual lead of her city — was last seen with the Matron Vanthampuer — Thalamra Vanthampur. As their paths converged, the heroes set upon Amrik Vanthampur, striking down his fiendish bodyguard in a single radiant blow. Taking him into custody, and back to Mortlock waiting outside the Low Lantern, he suggested Amrik would be able to get them into the manor house without much trouble, as Amrik loved his life enough not to do anything that would risk it.

At the Vanthampur manor, the team opted for the unsettling guise of “we’re here for the orgy”, confusing the staff and making their way to Amrik’s room to keep him under guard and plan their next move. Their obnoxious sounding “orgy” drew the ire of Thurstwell Vanthampur from across the room. With two of the Vanthampur brothers in custody, they set about gathering what information they could. Thurstwell proved to be a snivelling coward, giving up information he was not even asked about. It would seem the brothers had stolen an artifact and place it in the dungeons of the manor where their mother was attempting to release its power, which would give her absolute control over Baldur’s Gate. Thurstwell also mention an infernal puzzled box that had been given to him for safe keeping by Kreeg.

Seeing now that they needed to get into the basements of the manor, the heroes bond the brothers and stuffed them in a large chest. Kethra turned herself invisible, and upon leaving the room, the others implied that the brothers were being kept busy by her warlock-ish delights.

It should not go without mention that the heroes befriend the house pet, a tressym named Slobberchops — an intelligent beast, cat-like in nature, with wings. Also designating the tressym “Susan”, to which Slobberchops was mostly indifferent about, the party partook in a suggested meal by the butler of the manor, Fendrick. This gave the group a diversion to allow the still invisible Kethra to move about the house and find the basement. Making her way to the kitchen, she moved undetected to the pantries, finding a stairwell leading downwards. She was almost about to return to the group when her attempt to distract the cook failed her. The cook thrust open the pantry door, with Kethra missing her chance to get out of the way, the door thudded against her.

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