On Wednesday nights @EldritchEchoes runs Vorpal Tales players through Onyx Path Publishing’s B-Move-tastic, They Came From…Beneath the Sea.

This week our B-Movie-Stars utilized the knowledge gained from The G-Man’s clever disguise to know that they needed to hit up the local Hardware Store as well as the fact that the Church of the Wave Ascendant were doing something nefarious up at the old Marsh Estate. Seeing as they needed some transportation to haul the equipment they would get from the hardware store, which was ultimately needed to repair the elevator back at the secret facility, the party split (gasp). The G-man and Survivalist went off to find a vehicle while The Scientist and The Everyman raided the hardware store.

The G-man and Survivalist came upon a local school building with a motor pool which seemed promising for procuring a vehicle. However, they were being set upon by a mob of fishmen. One of them tried to run down our heroes with a car, but they reacted quickly and leapt onto the front of the car, with The Survivalist trying to kick in the windshield to disable the driver. He botched his attacked and knocked both himself and the fishman driver out, causing the car to skid across the barrier fence of the motor pool and screech to a halt. The G-man attempted to rouse The Survivalist, but awakened the driver assailant as well. Spotting a Tommy Gun in the passenger seat, The G-man sprayed bullets in the direction of the pending mob. Fortuitously, gas has spilled from the tank as it skidded, and a stray bullet ignited the gas, causing an explosion that took the mob with it, as well as most of the motor pool.

Finding a lone pick-up truck in the carnage, The G-man hotwired the car, only to be startled by a janitor coming out of the school. He hopped into the back of the truck begging for them to drive as the Church at the mansion was using a serum experimented on the prisoners to turn the whole town into fishmen. Asked about how he managed to not get caught, The Janitor informed the heroes that he was Clever. Also, that his name was Clyde. Returning to the hardware store with the truck, the heroes found The Scientist and The Everyman had yet to enter the store. The Clever Janitor jumped out of the truck bed, and started getting tools and materials from the truck, dumping arms-full into the bed. Taking duct tape and adhesive, as well as an electromagnet, the heroes sped off in the direction of the mansion to investigate The Janitor’s claims.

Crashing the truck through the front gates, the team split off and encircled the mansion from both sides. The Survivalist and The Janitor found the west side of the mansion dim and remote — almost as if no one occupied that side. The Scientist, The G-man, and The Everyman found their east side occupied and with strange noises coming from inside. Seeing a patrol of three fishmen, The Scientist concocted disguises that gave the heroes an appearance of fishmen. Meeting up around back, the plan was for the disguised east group to escort the west group inside as “prisoners”. Using a service entrance, they discovered what appeared to be a break room for the patrolling fishmen. The Scientist scienced a serum that isolated the fishmen’s strength. Offering it to The Survivalist who refused to put one drop of it into his body, The Everyman drank down the vile tasting brew. Perfect timing too, as the patrol had returned. The Everyman unleashed a roundhouse kick that…

In a hallway, the group stood before the eastern room where a chat in an unnatural language murmured through the room. Peering through the keyhole to the room, The G-man saw an odd sight; a half human, half serpent priestess was leading a chanting group of fishmen in a hymn to their alien gods. The Scientist deduced he could rig the house to explode if given enough time. This left the rest of the group too retrieve a sample of the serum. With little time left, The Scientist was spritzing his explosion concoction about the house near the chanting room, when they discovered his presence. The doors to the hymnal room burst open, and a cacophony of scaly-finned claws reached out and pulled The Scientist into unknown terrors.

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