This week, on Capes of Valor, lead by @VoodooArcade on Monday night June 23rd, 2020 — our Heroes of Doctor Eventide, Nightingale, X, and The Siberian were going over their recently acquired “singing book” from the auction.

While trying to decipher its meaning, Nightingale feverishly opened the book only to find its contents empty. A deduction by Doctor Eventide suggested that the book reacted in such a way as to protect itself by wiping the pages so that the contents would not fall into the wrong hands. There was also the matter of X’s encounter with the upset individual from the auction who was convinced a tattooed man would hunt them down with regards to the book. The group decided it was best to go on investigation of the large, strange man from the auction.

Before that could commence, however, The Siberian was approached by Allison, The Olympian’s agent. Allison pleaded with an indignant Siberian that lives were at stake at a warehouse on the docks. The rest of the group shared The Siberian’s feelings — Allison reaching out to them only now when supposedly all others were “busy”, did she think they were worthy of attention. Regardless of how they felt about Allison, the Team were transported to the docs by Eventide, with both X and The Siberian leaping into action. They were confronted by a large rock-based Power who took the chance to square up against the cocky and brutish Siberian. X was waylaid by an air elemental, while Nightingale stumbled into an upstairs office and was greeted by a water-based entity that tried to drown her.

The Siberian stood toe-to-paw with the clearly overpowered brick-brute, while Eventide aided with his shadowy-cover and dark-based attacks. X suffered a blow, and retreated outside, where the air-based enemy threatened to start killing civilians. Meanwhile, back inside, The Siberian was yielding to the unevenly matched blows that were becoming beyond is power level. Nightingale had joined the fray, but the water-creature followed, who was soon joined by a trash-talking fire-based Power. The Team held their own as best they could, but the attackers withdrew, etoling that they had gotten what they came for. A quick investigation afterwards showed that the assailants had stolen plans for a projection-like device.

Frustrated and unsure what the encounter meant entirely, the group reconnoitered back at the Eventide Mansion to try and figure out what mysteries lay in the “singing” book.

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