Our Heroes were deep in the dank dark dungeon of the dead three. The old woman they encountered was anything but — after having turned invisible she attempted to assassinate them, but was quickly put down by the likes of our heroes.

Finding their way back in the tunnels, they discovered a secret passage they led into secret parts of the dank dungeon of the three. They stumbled on a fight between an assassin cultist and Mortlock Vanthampur. The assassin scurried away and Mortlock yielded to our heroes, explaining that his mother had been supplying the cult, even going so far as to gift them treasure from a dragon’s horde.

While conversing with Mortlock, the heroes were waylaid by the assassin who had snuck back into the chamber and nearly killed them before being dispatched by the heroes with the help of Mortlock. Mortlock agreed to aid them, though it took some convincing.

Exiting the dungeon, they were quickly assault by cultists who claimed the treasure they collected in the dungeon was part of the Dragon Queen’s horde. They managed to capture two of the cultist, but upon interrogation, they refused to offer up anything useful other than rhetoric. However, it became quickly clear that their supposed Dragon Queen was noneother than Tiamat herself.

That would have to wait however, Mortlock’s information lead them to his brother, Amrik Vanthampur who might have moore information about the conspiracy of the cultists in Baldur’s Gate.

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